Robbie Williams was accused that he «sold his soul» Putin

The football world Cup (FIFA World Cup) tomorrow, June 14, will open the British singer Robbie Williams. The news sparked a wave of criticism of the singer in the UK , and even accusations that «he sold his soul to the dictator.»

In a press release published by FIFA, Williams invites his football and music fans and promises that it will be «an unforgettable show».

«I am very excited and happy because back in Russia for such a unique performance. During my career was many things, but to open the world Cup for 80 thousand football fans who will be in the stadium and millions who will follow up on this around the world is just the enjoyment of a childhood dream,» says Robbie Williams.

Politicians and public figures at home has criticised the singer for this decision. Williams called to follow the example of the Royal family and government Ministers to refrain from participating in the event in protest against the alleged involvement of Russia in the poisoning Skrobala.

The head of the global campaign of justice Magnitsky (Global Magnitsky justice campaign) , bill Browder wrote in Twitter: «There are many ways to earn money, Robbie Williams, but selling his soul to the dictator should not be among them. A shame.».

He added: «This is a message on behalf of Sergei Magnitsky, Boris Nemtsov, Anna Politkovskaya, Natalia estemirovoj the victims of MH17 and 10 thousand Ukrainian soldiers killed».

MP Stephen Dofi said on this occasion: «I was surprised and sad to hear that such a great British artist like Robbie Williams, which was our ally in the campaign for the protection of human rights and the LGBT community agreed for the money Russia and FIFA to sing at the opening of the world Cup.»

«At that time, Russian aircraft bombed the civilian population in Syria, the Russian government is poisoning people on the streets of Britain, and is also targeting members of the LGBT+ community in Chechnya and other regions, not to mention the attempts to undermine the foundations of our democracy… After all this I can only assume that Robbie is going to talk about these issues in his speech,» added Dovi.

Many British politicians have also expressed condemnation and criticized the performance of former member of Take That in Russia.

In the message of the organizing Committee of FIFA said that the opening ceremony this year will last only half an hour, basically, it will be musical numbers.

To perform with Robbie Williams is a Russian soprano honoured artist of Tatarstan and singer of the Vienna state Opera , Aida Garifullina. In addition, to participate in the opening ceremony and two-time world Cup winner Ronaldo, while for all still remains a mystery what role he will play.

Immediately after the musical performances will start the match «Russia — Saudi Arabia», that about June 14, and will open the world Cup.

What song will be performed by Robbie Williams is not yet known, but for sure it won’t be a hit «Party Like a Russian», which the singer asked not to do.

The performance of Williams, as reported by the Sunday Times, will cost £165 million.