City USA I All about Los Angeles

Creative people from around the world come to Los Angeles! Someone writes music, poetry, paintings, who is a virtuoso dancer. All these creative energies merge together, covering the city in a dense fog of crazy coworking.

What to do in Los Angeles

Convenient transportation is a definite plus Los Angeles. To Canada — 2 hour flight to Mexico — 1.5 hours by car.

Just a couple of hours by car and you at the foot of the highest mountains, on the tops of which are almost always in white hats. To stick with the kids snowmen, go snowboarding, and in summer go back to the tent, take a dip in a mountain stream. Why not rent a Chalet on Big Bear lake? In the morning, ski in the evening – relax and wine tasting at the nearest winery.

City USA I All about Los Angeles

Get out more often to nature, to the ocean. On the weekend, gather friends for a barbecue. Enjoy a workout in the fresh air. Just breathe deeply!

Go to a movie premiere before it will be released. Buy sweet vintage trinket at a flea market. In Pasadena or Echo Park at the weekend sold for a pittance, authentic kimono or bell, which summoned servants 200 years ago.

City USA I All about Los Angeles

Griffith Park

Get in the habit to get out on the weekend in Griffith Park. Raccoons, skunks, opossums, squirrels literally underfoot. If you’re lucky — you’ll meet a deer! To be photographed for memory and to explore the area better from the observation deck, from where a fine view of treasured inscription «Hollywood».

With a cultural program in the Park of the same order: in the evenings, the amphitheatre almost on 6 thousand spectators concerts. And it’s not always local initiative. This scene was visited by Elton John, Paul McCartney and sting.

You can have a picnic. Just don’t forget about wild animals. It is also not averse to eat.

Ride horses, play Golf, can drive in football, and in summer take a dip in the pool. Be sure to visit the main local attraction – the Griffith Observatory. Star gazing with telescope — free access to the planetarium or a 30-minute show — 7$.

City USA I All about Los Angeles

Jobs in Los Angeles

The minimum wage in Los Angeles — $9 per hour. Medium — $15. Knowledge and enthusiasm are more important than the paper (diploma). Has a weight summary and its correspondence to reality.

The exception is doctors, lawyers and accountants. For them, the diploma required, but still under America will have to relearn (other drugs, other laws). Most popular today — pros. However, as elsewhere in the world.

City USA I All about Los Angeles

Where to eat in Los Angeles

With food no problems: the choice for every taste and budget. I want a native, a home-cooked meal — she in the Armenian stores. And in supermarkets Super King, Vons, Jons, American superstore COSTCO there are any familiar product from their homeland, even chocolate glazed curd bars.

Los Angeles boasts an abundance of organic produce, fresh (local!) of vegetables and fruits. Year round work the farmer’s markets under the open sky. It is from the fashion to Sogeti.

City USA I All about Los Angeles

Housing for rent in Los Angeles

«Average price» of housing in the city does not exist. The dispersion in rental prices even in the same house can be overwhelming. The amount is influenced by different factors: the flooring, layout, repair, and the list goes on.

Quite possibly, you’ll be able to find an apartment, habitable, for $1500 per month. Cheaper only in the room or killed the Studio. Approximate price for apartment in new building — $1800-2000 for a Studio and $2000-2500 for an apartment with one bedroom.

For local rented apartments typical beige carpet and the walls ivory. To change anything in the interior with the permission of the Manager.

City USA I All about Los Angeles

Removing housing in Los Angeles, you will see that in the United States attracts people from all over the world. Your neighbors are Greeks, Mexicans, Italians, Armenians, Uzbeks, and many others.

In a rented apartment you are unlikely to be personal washer. Usually tenants wash in shared Laundry in the basement. Full service (washing + drying) will cost $2 . In some houses a General Laundry is not provided — then you have to use the municipal. Since they are missing, and they help me out if order needs to result in something volume: blanket or just a huge pile of Laundry. Big Laundry costs $1.25 to $3.75 per one download. 10 minutes drying clothes cost $0,25.

City USA I All about Los Angeles

Current expenses

In Los Angeles the telephone connection you can afford, be sure. Unlimited talking, texting, MMS and 4G are just $40 — with impeccable quality. The use of Internet will cost the same $40 or even cheaper.

On shopping smarter to travel out of town — in the outlets. For example, in Desert Hills in Cabazon.

Necessary health insurance! Because prices for medical services and medications in pharmacies and space. You can get free government insurance, but that’s a topic for another discussion.

Rent a car for 3 days costs about $150 (including cost of petrol and insurance). If you prefer a more faster travel — unlimited travel on the subway will cost $100. For a single trip will pay less than $2. Those who like to travel without companions, is the average cost of travel for Uber will be $10-20.

City USA I All about Los Angeles

Weather in Los Angeles

In Los Angeles is good at any time of the year. Even the hated winter, which here is only a calendar. This city always feels like vacation — you can at any moment to dash away to see the ocean.

City USA I All about Los Angeles