Cynthia Nixon spoke about her son-transgender in a touching Instagram post

Cynthia Nixon, candidate for Governor of new York, has surprised everyone with a touching post on Instagram. As it turned out, her eldest son Samuel is transgender.

About this former star of the TV series «the Sex and the city,» he wrote in a Day to support transgender people. For many, her personal life remained a mystery, she always tried to keep in the shadow of their loved ones. But on this day, June 22, Cynthia decided to support his son and to congratulate all the «special people».

«I’m so proud of his son Samuel Joseph Motasem (named Seth), who graduated from College this month. I congratulate him and all those who are celebrating today #TransDayOfAction».

As admitted Cynthia, her son Seth lives as transgender a few years. For the first time the actress has dared to speak about the sex change son, children — that’s what she tried to hide from the limelight. Cynthia is ready to continue to defend the rights of the SEF and other TRANS-people during his campaign and as a defender of the LGBT community.

Not surprisingly, Nixon actively supported her son, she has always been a supporter of the LGBT movement. Cynthia spent 15 years with Danny Mozes, bore him two children, Seth and Charles. However, after the break in relations, in life, Nixon appeared Christine Marinoni. The couple has been in a relationship since 2004. After 7 years of marriage, Cynthia and Christine, was born a son, Max Ellington Nixon-Marinoni. A child who has endured Christine, has further strengthened the Union of the two lovers, and in may 2012 they were married.

Of his intention to run for Governor Cynthia Nixon announced on 19 March 2018.