City USA | Boston

Boston — town, the Atlantic ocean, the capital of Massachusetts. Not the same as his motley and noisy neighbour new York. Other and in comparison with other cities of America…

Things to do in Boston

Boston — an island of the Old world in the heart of New England. It is a peaceful, home-like warm and cozy. This city is alien fuss, but fervently professes hedonism. On sailing boats the Bostonians enjoying a leisurely stroll along the Charles river. Breathlessly escorted the sun. A full breast inhale the scent of flowers in the Boston Public Garden. And while Jogging, stop to take a photo of a passerby next to a nice house or just to look around — how beautiful life is!

City USA | Boston

They go to the town library — it is easy to find in the heart of the city, all the state flags. They are proud of Harvard University, in the town of Cambridge. Every millimeter of the local campus-polished-Wyhlen. Burgundy and impressive building with an elegant white columns his whole appearance as if to say: Harvard is the best!

How much does a house in Boston

Of course, the list of expenses in connection with moving the first item is rent. But your piece of Paradise here you will find every. So, for a lonely wanderer find a room for $700 right near Harvard. Full apartment for two will cost $1-1,5 thousand per month.

City USA | Boston

Transportation in Boston

Often you can hear that without personal transport in America to live. And so it is. However, within the Boston transportation — no. Metro, buses, taxis — everything works like clockwork. If you are a fan of regular life outside the city, the car still need. Because of the existence of pedestrians, no one thought. Sometimes even no sidewalks, and if there is, it is extremely narrow and uncomfortable.

If you walk you don’t like, transport costs can be about $200 per month (one-time costs of$1.5–2).

Weather in Boston

The warmest time in Boston — July. The day temperature is 28,1°C, night — 19,7°C above zero. The sea warms up later: the warmest it will be in August (+19,3°C).

City USA | Boston

What to eat in Boston

The native people prefer to buy groceries at the Sennoy market in the heart of the city. Oddly enough, the street market in the middle of the skyscrapers looks quite harmoniously. To make a purchase for a week, you have two days — Friday and Saturday, so the list needed to prepare in advance. The range is the same as in the supermarket, but the prices are much lower. But that’s not it, but a completely distinct atmosphere.

Over time you become here: joyfully greet traders get to their favorite shops with fruit, and after going to the butcher, primerisima especially for you fresh pork tenderloin. They pick you the most fresh oysters or give the extra kilos of apples. Be prepared that the campaign for the products on the market are no less than 3 hours — yet will communicate until bargain until everyone try…

City USA | Boston

By the way, important point: each seller on the market has its own special stamp, which allows you to save money in Parking. That is, with the seal half hour of Parking will cost $1 instead of $6 and 3 hours you will pay only $2.

If atmospheric markets you do not like — go wholesale online store.

Work in Boston

Russian-speaking community in Boston is constantly growing. And today there are more than 20 companies belong to the English-speaking. They are concentrated in the center of Linden in Alstone — a suburb of Boston.

More or less qualified staff (Secretary, accountant) has received a $25-30 per hour. A good programmer is $50 per hour. Because there are listed only local diplomas, in the absence thereof, it is possible to get a job not requiring special qualifications. So, the salary of a hostess will be about $800 per month with 20 hours of work per week.

City USA | Boston

However, some diplomas can be legalized through notification! So inquire about this possibility. If your diploma this procedure is not subject to — well, have to go to a local College or courses.

Popular staff in the field of health care for elderly Russian-speaking residents. Many experts and scientists from the former Soviet Union working in the leading educational, research and cultural institutions near Boston: Harvard University, mit and New England Conservatory.

Why do you Boston

This city is young and will be young forever! Here will always arrive new blood, young people, eager to live and work. For the same reason Boston is a clever and resourceful in the best universities of the world, part of which is located in Boston, going from the strongest minds.

Boston — a true gentleman. He is calm and focused. And accusingly looks at new York. It recognizes success and excellence noisy and carefree neighbor, but is in his way.

City USA | Boston

But at the same time, Boston is unstoppable. When it comes to sports, be it baseball, American football, hockey, basketball, rowing, or marathon. He is passionate when it comes to your morning coffee or real Dunkin Donuts.

Boston is unpredictable and intricate. Even the Boston street turn whenever they want, «Boston law» or «Boston left», but it is not 90°, as is commonly believed, 45° or 60°.

City USA | Boston

In Boston it’s nice just to look. The city can proceed on foot, each time choosing an exclusive itinerary on the momentary desire. I wanted oranges? Go to hay market. Need intimate conversation? Go to the public library and look in the area with a skyscraper and a Gothic Church. Time to be alone with nature? The ocean at your feet.

Despite lots of differences from other America, Boston is still a real American. Here stopped Washington, he lived Martin Luther king, Jr., was born here Kennedy. Deep in his bosom he keeps the history of the War for independence. Boston is gloomy working kvartalikiri and manicured mansions.

In General, Boston — international. Ethiopian restaurant, a Chinese cultural center and the Portuguese festival. Shipyard «Russia», the statue of the Argentine President and the crowds of visitors from around the world.

City USA | Boston