9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

Let’s dream a little? Close your eyes and try to imagine what happiness feels like. Some will see a quiet, measured life in a circle of loved ones. Others multimeter yachts, villas, private plane… But the majority of the background of»happiness» will always be the sea.

Some Americans are fortunate to live where the atmosphere is relaxing and adjusts to the positive. We have prepared the top 9 of the happiest towns in the United States by the sea, where you will definitely want to get this summer!

What’s so special about them?

  • There is always good weather!

Agree, this is very important! Much more pleasant to walk the streets of the city in clear, Sunny weather. Even fans of romantic summer showers will not abandon the couple of Sunny days!

  • Affordable housing.

In large cities their own homes — rather a dream than a reality. Prices for decent homes are often «bite». So, even if you take a mortgage, mortgage payments strongly shake the family budget.

  • Well-developed infrastructure.

No matter how lovely and quiet your town periodically, not just want to sit on a bench in the Park, but to enjoy the pleasures of cultural life.

  • Good environment

About the environment we begin to think with age. 15 we have nothing to plant for the manufacture of tires in front of the bedroom window. With the advent of own children very few that can make us happier than a sea breeze instead of the hellish fumes of hot asphalt.

No. 1: Cannon Beach, Oregon

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

Population: 1 702 person.

The cost of housing: $320 thousand

The average annual temperature is 51°F (+10.5°C).

The average price for hotel stay: $180-220 per room/night.

You will be charmed by the beauty of cannon beach. Little village (formally with the status of the city) has its own unique character. This is the famous center of art development in the North-West and one of the most popular in the state places to stay.

What to see

Pacific coast, cannon beach is unparalleled, with beautiful beaches, framed by cliffs, has a long winding coastline. Picturesque cannon beach have appreciated in Hollywood: this is where they filmed «Twilight» and «On the crest of a wave».

No visit would be complete without visiting ecola state Park. Part of it is covered in ancient rainforest. The Park is dotted with footpaths, leading to the observation deck, which offers breathtaking views of the historic lighthouse Tillamook Rock. It stands on a lonely rock among the waters of the Pacific ocean.

A short drive from the lighthouse there is a picturesque Indian beach is a popular place for surfers. A very close, few steps from the seafront, the tourist gaze reveals the other side of the city. On the coastal meadows calmly walk on well-trodden tracks moose. Be sure to visit any point of view, to enjoy the full panorama!

What to do

In cannon beach a lot of activities for every taste, many of them absolutely free! Here to conquer the summit, after all, just 15 minutes from the beach — as much as 5 scenic routes for climbing: in ecola state Park you can climb to the beach, Crescent Beach, Indian beach is an interesting route Clatsop Loop Trail, there is still the way to Cape Falcon and many others.

A must — Photocall near Haystack Rock, the most famous cliffs in the city.

Don’t forget to go to the farmer’s market! Reviews of visitors, they sell the most delicious and healthy foods grown without the use of chemicals.

No. 2: Bellport, New York

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

Population: 2,000

The cost of housing: $285 thousand

Average annual temperature: 52°F (+11,1°C).

The average price for hotel stay: $120-160 per room/night.

This modest port city perched on the southern coast of long island. You will not believe until I see with my own eyes how perfectly in Bellport refined taste and the ability to live without attracting too much attention. Stars, intellectuals and lovers of the beautiful have long since acquired the houses with cute yards of the green lanes of Bellport.

What to see

Best beach Bellport Ho-Hum is located 2 miles from the Gulf of Bellporte, on fire island (Fire Island). You can get here by ferry Whale House Point (from jetty Bellporte village from late may to early September).

What to do

Be sure to take a boat in Bellport and enjoy quiet sunsets on the backdrop of a calm sea surface. Rental price for tourists is $65 per day.

No. 3: Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

Population: 17 million

The cost of housing: $311 thousand

Average annual temperature: 47°F (+8,3°C).

The average price for hotel stay: $130-180 per room/night

It’s hard to say when the vacation in HAMPTON beach began to gain popularity. Was it when the first carriage drove up to the famous Casino Ballroom today? Or even earlier, in the 40-ies of the XIX century, when was opened the first tourist hotels? Or in those distant days when native Americans chose for their Parking shore of the Bay in the Hamptons?

Anyway, each of these stages left their imprint on the present appearance and character of the city. Previously, HAMPTON was a large farming community. But since 1907 the stunning Atlantic coast, the city decided to use for a summer vacation. And appeared in district HAMPTON beach village, which gave impetus to the development of the entire region.

What to see

In addition to the oldest casino residents of HAMPTON are proud of the promenade along the beach, and the annual festival the statues of sand.

What to do

There is always something to do. Yoga lessons on the beach, volleyball and basketball is only a small part of the program. Be aware of planned activities by visiting the official website.

No. 4: Newport, Rhode Island

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

Population: 24.5 thousand people.

Housing costs: $356 thousand.

Average annual temperature: 51°F (+10,6°C).

The average price for hotel stay: $200-280 per room/night

Newport — the oldest US city founded in the first half of the nineteenth century, — living traditions. This is a classic city of the so-called New England. Already in the XIX century it became a popular vacation spot for wealthy residents. Presidents Kennedy and Eisenhower called the city his «summer White house». It is just 45 minutes ‘ drive from the state capital city of Providence.

What to see

Newport is famous for its beautiful historic mansions, cute shops and galleries in the city centre. Guess I like to spend leisure time residents of Newport? Of course, playing tennis, Polo or Golf or riding on a yacht!

Must-do in Newport:

  • Stroll through picturesque alley 3.5 miles, repeating the city’s shoreline. Here you can see the large mansions of the city, such as Marble House and Rough Point.
  • Go shopping on Thames Street. Located just steps from the waterfront, Thames Street — the heart of the commercial life of the city since the XVIII century. Here you will find shops of local brands and Thames Glass Newport Fudgery, as well as more well-known companies, such as Express and Banana Republic.
  • The best restaurants are also located on Thames Street.
  • Do I need to mention that the houses on this street were built in the seventeenth century and of themselves are a great attraction?

No. 5: Kennebunkport, Maine

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

Population: 3.7 million people

The cost of housing: $575 thousand

Average annual temperature: 45°F (+7,2°C).

The average price for hotel accommodation $220-320 per room/night

Another island a safe, happy life in New England may be considered to Kennebunkport in Maine. The city was founded in the second half of the XVII century, and for 150 years it gained fame as the region’s best places for a summer vacation. The President George H. W. Bush was in Kennebunkport summer home.

In the summer the city’s population increases several times. Here come mostly provided representatives of the middle class, the lovers of tradition, natural beauty and comfort. Hotels in the city can not be called cheap, but many of them completely recreate the atmosphere of an English summer house.

What to see

In Kennebunkport you will certainly be interested in its unusual museums. For example, the Museum of the first families of the city (The First Families Kennebunkport Museum), housed in a whitewashed mansion of the XIX century on the main street of the city. Also, in the seaside trolley Museum, where visitors ride on the restored tram line with a length of 1.5 miles.

What to do

Bored in town just do not have. In Kennebunkport you can watch whales, visit the art gallery of the city, to take riding lessons — all entertainment of the highest class!

No. 6: Cambria, California

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

The population of 6 thousand people.

The cost of housing is $600 thousand.

The average annual temperature is 56°F (+13,3°C).

The average price for hotel accommodation $190-250 per room/night.

Halfway from San Francisco to Los Angeles lies the small California town of Cambria. In this fabulous oasis atmosphere intricately intertwined with the spirit of adventure. Pines are suited to the water, and the sun almost every day pampers town in its rays.

What to see


  • visit Hurst — majestic estate of William Randolph Hearst, which was built about 28 years. The castle is only 6 miles North of Cambria.
  • Be sure to stop at Nitt Witt Ridge — an alternative to Hurst castle. This kind of «low-cost»-unfinished.

What to do

  • Admire sea elephants.
  • Walking along the endless beaches where it is easy to find moon rocks. One of the beaches is called Moonstone Beach.
  • Walking through the historic center Cambria: in addition to the many antique shops there are also authentic microbrewery.

No. 7: Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

The population of 3.700 people

The cost of housing the average price per home $1.500.000, but this price is determined by the availability of many options for luxury real estate, expensive 3-5 million dollars. A good home can be purchased in the range of $300-500 thousand

The average annual temperature is 64° F

The average price for hotel accommodation is $210-270/room/night

The Carmel-by-the-sea or simply Carmel is a small quaint town located along the coast of California, near the picturesque Highway 1. Town call the amazing village by the sea, for its compactness and eccentricity. The unique community of Carmel-by-the-sea reminds multifaceted and rare diamond. The village is perched on a gently rising slope rising above the white sand beach. At first glance, the Carmel-by-the-sea will notice, it needs to go directly into the city.

What to see

In addition to the many art galleries in the city, you must visit the famous beach, pebble beach and the stunning beauty of the reserve point Lobos, where you will meet with the sea lions.

What to do

In a typical California town tourists are always welcome because there is something to boast of. You definitely need to visit:

  • Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo — the Franciscan monastery of the XVIII century. Today is one of the most beautiful missions in California. The Museum exhibits scattered throughout the medieval complex;
  • Historic building — the House of Thor. Even if you’ve never heard of this poet of the twentieth century, Robinson Jeffers, you will still be interesting to visit the house that the poet built with his own hands. Here though embodied the Bohemian spirit of all the Carmel-by-the-sea. Tours must be booked in advance.
  • Vineyards Shade. In the tasting room, vineyards, shade (Scheid Vineyards) you will taste the best California wines, including Merlot, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon.

No. 8: Vero Beach, Florida

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

Population: more than 16 thousand people.

The cost of housing: a house here can be purchased for $165 thousand.

Average annual temperature: 71°F (+21.7°C).

The average price for accommodation at the hotel of $90-140 per room/night.

Pearl Florida — Vero beach is a sophisticated combination of refinement and restraint. Add to this a prosperous ecological environment — and you get an idea of life in Vero beach!

What to see

Up to 35% of all sea turtles inhabit the country on the beaches close to the Northern part of the city. Locals enjoy relaxing on the country’s best natural beaches.

What to do

The city has luxury hotels, stunning art Museum, trendy restaurants and shops. And at the same time — no tall buildings!

No. 9: St. Pete Beach, Florida

9 of the happiest seaside towns in the United States

Population: 10 thousand people, summer residents noticeably arrives.

The cost of housing: $453 thousand.

The average annual temperature is 68°F (+20°C).

The average price for hotel accommodation $120-180 per room/night.

St. Pete beach stretches along the Gulf coast of Florida, approximately 45 minutes ‘ drive southwest of Tampa Bay.

This is a typical beach town where you can spend a couple of weekends in full energy.

What to see

  • Visit the Dali Museum and the Museum, which presents the Chihuly collection (works from glass masters of the modernist Dale Chihuly).
  • Take a walk with the whole family in the Sunken gardens, Botanical gardens Florida, go to a popular aquarium and children’s Museum Great Explorations. In addition, nearby are Busch Gardens and Disney Parks take advantage of it!
  • Be sure to go to the historical Museum with a visit to pre-Columbian Indian mounds. Ten thousand years of local history are waiting for you in the Museum of regional history Safety Harbor.

What to do

Stroll along the soft white sand on the beach, rent a kayak and ride the waves, before heading into one of the lovely waterfront cafes serving fresh seafood.

The cost of housing in the article are based in a residential house with an area of 65-75 square meters at an average cost per square meter in the city

The cost of the hotel mentioned in the article for a double room in the hotel category 3-4* online booking systems