Russian Andrey Suchilin, removed from the flight because of the «terrible stench», he died of necrosis

Tragically ended the story of musician Andrew Suchilin. As previously reported, last month men have been a scandal. May 29, the Russians got on a flight going from Spain to the Netherlands. During the flight it became clear that Suchilina emanates a terrible smell. This caused an emergency in the plane, as the passengers began to vomit and to faint.

Then most of the media called him unflattering words and associated the smell with lack of hygiene. However, the reality was quite different. It soon became clear that Suchilin sick with tissue necrosis and is actually disintegrating from the inside. The disease affects the body’s cells and gradually destroys them. For that reason, man comes the sickening smell.

Russian Andrey Suchilin, removed from the flight because of the «terrible stench», he died of necrosis

Andrei Suchilin during a speech at the concert. Photo: wiki

But at that moment the man did not know why it is so «smells» and this was associated with symptoms of simple fever, which picked up on the beach in Spain. The plane made an emergency landing in Portugal, where the culprit emergencies was removed from the flight.

Suchilina offered medical assistance, but he refused. The Russian stated that in Spain the doctors told him that «this isthe usual beach infection«. The man was given antibiotics and advised not to worry. However, the disease progressed rapidly. The musician did not know that at the time when he was in the plane, his body has already begun irreversible processes. It is the destruction of tissue called fetid smell, which is so not like the passengers of the plane.

Once in Portugal, the Russians in a few days, felt worse and soon he was urgently hospitalized. A man in a coma, and the insurance company «Ingosstrah» has refused to provide assistance, stating that he ended the term of the contract. According to the wife Suchilina, insurers simply lied to their family, not wishing to pay for treatment.

In the end, the relatives were forced to seek help in social networks. Unfortunately, it didn’t help the Russians. After several operations to remove the decaying tissue, the body Suchilina refused. He died on June 25, never regained consciousness.

The airline Transavia Airlines issued a statement in which he expressed condolences to the family of the musician. There recognized that the man during the flight reported there was no danger of infection. However, the company is confident in the correctness of the actions of his crew as other passengers also became ill, and transporting Suchilina further, it was not possible.

Andrei Suchilin was a leader of the Russian rock group «C Major» and was one of the founders of the «Moscow rock laboratory». He has also worked in journalism and wrote music for theatrical performances.