Famous actress Susan Sarandon was arrested in the protest against trump

Among 575 women who were arrested on June 28 during a protest against the policy of»zero tolerance» administration of Donald trump in Washington (D. C.), was and Susan Sarandon.

71-year-old actress and the other protesters held placards demanding to stop to keep illegal migrants «in camps» and reunite the family.

«We care», the protesters chanted, alluding to the jacket Melania trump, the first lady visited in Texas center, where children are illegal immigrants.

Note that during the election campaign of 2016 Sarandon didn’t support neither trump nor his main competitor Hillary Clinton. The actress campaigned for the candidate of the green ‘s Jill Stein.

In 2017 Sarandon even said that Clinton, in a sense, «more dangerous than Donald trump».

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«If she became President, we could be at war. It is absurd to argue that the Clinton health care or tax laws would improve for poor Americans. With regard to deportation of illegal immigrants, it would do it quietly and secretly, as Barack Obama. He deported more immigrants than is sent now. Not sure how he even received the Nobel peace prize, although he had good decisions,» said Sarandon.

We will remind, recently Robert De Niro «sent» trump live.