Fireworks Macy’s will surprise throbbing hearts and neon wheel

For four decades trading network Macy’s never ceases to capture the imagination of residents and visitors of the Big Apple with his unique fiery light show. This year, organizers promise, will be no exception.

Fireworks from Macy’s has already become the most anticipated event of the main holiday of each American independence Day. The show will start at 20:00 on the East river and will be broadcast on the TV channel NBC. In 2018 before the long-awaited fireworks display will be such famous artists as Kelly Clarkson, Keith urban, Ricky Martin and Blake Shelton. Fiery action is scheduled for 21:25.

Fireworks Macy’s will surprise throbbing hearts and neon wheel
Fireworks Macy’s in 2013 Source: flickr

According to Gary Souza, who for 30 years has been a constant designer of the show, for the first time during the fabulous view, each of the seven barges will release fireworks of different colors. Together, they will create a colorful rainbow.

This new special effects do not end there. Souza promises to show over the evening new York city «the pulsing heart» and «neon wheel». According to him, this year will involve a record number of fireworks – 75 thousand

Music is a key element of the show, says Susa. It necessarily is integral to everything that’s happening. In 2018, the music rests on the shoulders of the oldest ensemble of the U.S. army West Point Band.

The designer emphasizes that the fireworks Macy’s is not just a chaotic explosion of lights of various colors and shapes, it tells a story.

«Each of the seven barges have their own value that makes the show special and the greatest show in America,» said Souza.