The Savior of the Thai students ready to sue Elon musk

Vern Unsworth, English caver, and the man who went down in history as the Savior of the 12 Thai students, known not only for their heroism, but also critique the entrepreneur Elon musk.

After Unsworth said that a small submarine, which was prepared for the save the children team Mask, «absolutely not work», Musk vowed to prove the opposite. Businessman wrote in the Twitter that posted a video of the submarine in action, and appealing directly to the Unsworth, added: “I’m Sorry, pedo, you asked for it”.

When some of the users troubled by the fact that Musk calls the man who saved children, a pedophile, a billionaire said that a hundred percent sure, “it is.” He later deleted both tweets.

Thai Cave Rescue: British diver Vern Unsworth has told 7 News’ @MyleeHogan that he’s considering legal action after being referred to as ‘pedo guy’ by @elonmusk. «It’s not finished…I believe he’s called me a ‘paedophile’…I think people realise what sort of guy he is.» #7News

— 7 News Sydney (@7NewsSydney) November 16, 2018

«As I understand it, he called me a pedophile. — commented on the incident Unsworth — I Think everybody understands what it represents.»

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Caver also said the Sydney publication news Chanel 7 that their case with Mr. Musk «is not over», and the question of whether he will apply for the entrepreneur to court, he said shortly, «Yes.»

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