The teacher sold the old pictures from the warehouse for $15 thousand. It turned out that they are worth millions

When the teacher of an elementary school in new Jersey suggested that the fence painting David Killen from Manhattan 200 paintingsthat she kept in a warehouse, the thought that they are unlikely to make a splash at the next auction.

«To be honest, I thought it was a pile of garbage, says Quillen. But I’m looking for different options, and people can look and feel different, so I decided to make this deal.»

Quillen offered $75 dollars for the painting – just $15 thousand.

Only when the man unloaded boxes with patterns from the truck, unpacked them and examined six paintings, he began to realize that I had stumbled on an incredible discovery that could be worth millions. «The more I looked at them, the more I realized that this is a real de Kooning,» says Quillen, he said.

The teacher sold the old pictures from the warehouse for $15 thousand. It turned out that they are worth millionsExcavation / Willem de Kooning

Willem de Kooning is a famous Dutch painter and sculptor of the second half of the XX century, one of the leaders of abstract expressionism. A native of Rotterdam, in 1926, he had illegally traveled to the U.S. over the next 70 years he lived and worked in new York, where he died in 1997. To understand the cost of painting Kooning, suffice it to say that in 2006, his third painting from the series «Women» was sold for $137.5 million.

Already, two experts stated that a few pictures from the 200 are the originals of the famous artist.

[email protected] NY dealer David Killen has discovered 6 paintings by Willem de Kooning and 1 by Paul Klee, after purchasing the contents of an abandoned storage locker in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey, for $15,000. #SundayMorning #treasure #painting

— Lauri Minas (@WedgworthArt1) July 23, 2018

How did the painting teacher from new Jersey?

Initially 200 works of art were collected in new York, in the restoration workshop, owned by a Orrin Riley. When he died in 1986, the painting took his lover Suzanne Schnitzer, but in 2009, her death hit by a car.

Bequest of the picture to go to her friends from new Jersey, among whom was the same teacher. She kept them in a warehouse in Ho-Ho-Kus, yet friends decided to sell.

According to David Killena, he intends to put the paintings up for auction this fall. «I spent many years in this business, — says the man. — I all the time buy and sell paintings. But I could not even dream to find original works like this».

We will remind, in March in one of the theaters of Iowa accidentally found a painting worth more than $5 million