Demi Lovato hospitalized with a heroin overdose

Singer demi Lovato took to hospital of Los Angeles after a heroin overdose, TMZ reported sources in law enforcement.

The police Department of Los Angeles (LAPD) announced that today, July 24, at 11:39 they received a call about a woman who overdosed in the 8000 block of Laurel View Drive in the Hollywood hills. House demi Lovato is really in the area.

Although a police spokesman Raymond brown refused to give the name of the person who had to be hospitalized, an anonymous insider confirmed to TMZ that the aforementioned woman was a famous singer.

Demi Lovato is such an inspirational, strong, beautiful human being. She’s always there for others and now its our time to be here for her and her Lovatics. We are keeping her in our thoughts and prayers. And hope she makes a speedy recovery. #PrayForDemi

— Demetra (@demetra_18) July 24, 2018

Demi struggled with substance abuse for many years. In 2010, as an 18-year-old celebrity was in rehab in the hospital. After it she continued to use drugs until 2012. Since then, the American media wrote about the fact that demi was 6 years sober, abandoning the cocaine and oxycodone (analgesic drug).

Last year celebrities posted on the Internet a biopic about himself and his addiction, which was called Simply Complicated («Just very difficult»). Demi told how at school began to experiment with alcohol and first tried coke at age 17. Later in the nervous system she developed bulimia (an eating disorder).

Sunday, July 22, the singer performed at the California Mid-State Fair along with hip-hop performer Iggy Azalea. This week demi should go to the upcoming shows in Atlantic city, but sources of TMZ stated that its participation remains under a big question.