It’s so cute! Dog saved from drowning in the pool of «best friend» (video)

The dog — man’s best friend, knows it knows even a child. Cetarehwodie known for his devotion to the owners. And how they relate to other dogs? It turns out, the dog dog also.

A resident of Arizona, was surprised to see his Remus and Smokey wet, and decided to check security cameras in the backyard. What he saw struck the man.

Dog Smokey, who usually avoids depth in the pool, this time swam too far and started to sink. Remus rushed to his rescue. After several unsuccessful attempts to get Smokey he fearlessly jumped into the pool and pushed the drowning of a friend, so that he could get out of the water.

Employees of the Fire and medical Department Mesa so impressed by the courage of Remus that decided to award him.

«Remus is gorgeous! We are so glad that he was able to save his friend,» said Megan CCT of Mesa Fire and Medical Department.

A local dog gives us a few takeaways to learn from when it comes to water safety education. Remus saved his friend Smokey from nearly drowning this past April. Drowning can occur in less than 2 minutes, NEVER SWIM ALONE. #BeSafeAroundWater #dog #firefighter

— Mesa (Arizona) Fire & Medical Dept (@MesaFireDept) June 27, 2018

And the Mesa FD chief Mary Cameli presented chetyrehkantnomu character the scrumptious reward.

In the post about furry rescue on Twitter the Department has also warned to swim in the pool or any body of water alone is dangerous for all animals, and man.