Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

The United States is 3 531 905 square miles, Alaska is the undisputed leader among the States in area. But little Rhode island could be placed on its territory several hundred times! But here’s the paradox: in 2017 in Alaska, lived 739,795 people, and in Rhode island — 1,059,639. Let’s meet the five smallest us States closer.

Rhode Island

Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

He may be the smallest, but it is very distinctive, with its bright and bold character. Dunkin ‘Donuts here on almost every corner: coffee and donuts, donuts and coffee. Even the local drink, which is considered official since 1993, is coffee milk. Not much there Coffeemania for such a small «state»?..

All Americans know that in every state there is a pair of ridiculous laws, over which you can laugh till you drop, but still have to comply with. In Rhode island, for example, are prohibited to bite the legs of someone and wear transparent clothes. Also here is completely illegal pouring of trams… brine.

There is an amazing place called Block island — gingerbread island. Like the state, the island is tiny, with a mass of neat little houses, very similar to fabulous.

Local attraction (or rather two) — the North and Southeast lighthouses that illuminate the path of lost ships for almost 200 years.

And at Block island has it’s own Ghost ship that haunts the islanders from the time of the fatal catastrophe that happened in 1738. Tell that to the passengers and crew are still eager to take revenge on local residents that are unable to help them when the ship crashed.


Delaware is the second largest state in the country. At the end, of course. It extends only 100 miles or even less. Lived here for about one million people, and the total area even a little bit smaller than anchorage (Alaska). Delaware was the first state to approve the Constitution on December 7, 1787, five days before everyone else. In 2002, the staff requested that the nickname «the First state» became the official. Another nickname of Delaware «the Diamond state». Thank you Thomas Jefferson for what once called him «a jewel» because of its perfect location.

Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

The state boasts the highest Internet speed in the country. Moreover, the efficiency it higher than in any other part of the world. Can compete unless South Korea. From the point of view of the economy, crime, demographics and tax rates, Delaware is the best place for retirees. He is popular among cyclists. The League of American bicyclists in 2015 even called it third in the world Cycling centre.

If Golf is your passion, to quench it at many state parks of the state of Delaware that will offer Golf course to 18 holes.

Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

And Delaware became the first state which started to work University training program abroad. It happened in 1923, and since then other universities across America try to keep up in the movement for intercultural exchange.


Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

The third place among the smallest States is Connecticut. It was born here, Noah Webster — author of the first dictionary. He lived in West Hartford, which passed the first automobile law that restricted the speed of movement of vehicles to, of all things! — 12 miles per hour.

And Connecticut is home to the first hamburger, Polaroid camera, color television and helicopter.

If we recall once again about the strangeness of the laws, in Connecticut, they also have — where do without them. The Hartford is forbidden to walk on his hands and to kiss your wife on Sundays. Like many other States, Connecticut has several names-nicknames, including the nutmeg State. Official song — «Yankee Doodle». And the smallest natural waterfall in America, mill pond falls is located in Newington (the same CT).


Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

Hawaiian alphabet (Yes, they have their own) there are only 13 letters, and each word and syllable end in one of the five vowels. Strange icon — apostrophe, which you see in some Hawaiian words is called an «okina», which means «small pause». There are many words that will seem very similar to the ear but having a different value by writing to them that the apostrophe. For example, «moa» means «chicken», while «mo’a» — «cooked».

Hawaii consists of eight main Islands, the largest of which is called, as you may have guessed, the Big island (Big Island). The official name of the big island of Hawaii. The big island is becoming increasing every year adding to its area of over 42 acres. And all thanks to the Kilauea volcano, which erupted for 30 years! Mauna Loa, one of the world’s largest volcanoes, is also on the Big island. Recently, six researchers who have received sponsorship from NASA, he spent several months on the North slope, imagining that they are on a space station on Mars.

Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee, cocoa and vanilla for commercial purposes (among other things, to grow an Orchid that will give the most vanilla pod, it can take up to five years). The highest life expectancy in the United States (81.3 years) is it in Hawaii.

No matter how old you are or how long you have lived in the state, only people with Hawaiian bloodlines have the right to call themselves «Hawaiians». Everyone else who can not boast of «Hawaiian ancestry», even being born there called themselves simply the people.

In Hawaii it is impossible to imagine the celebration without the lei is a flower wreath on your neck. And God forbid you treat them without proper respect! First, it is impolite to refuse a lei or give it to someone else. Lei should be disposed of instead of authenticity, it is necessary to return to earth. Ideally, where it collected flowers. To give a lei to a pregnant woman brings bad luck, because it symbolizes the umbilical cord around the baby’s neck.

Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

The state precious stone is not a mineral. This is black coral, a pricey rare, listed in the Red book as a rare species of sea fauna. And still make jewelry. Very expensive jewelry.

The serpent in the territory of Hawaii do not like and destroyed by all available means, to maintain the balance of unique ecosystems. Only snakes that are contained in zoos, are on the island legally.

New Jersey

Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

Of course, you know that new Jersey is the most populous state and the hometown of some famous celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi. But there are other interesting facts about new Jersey that will surprise you.

The people of new Jersey love the dinners in public places, the state is often called the «diner capital of the world.» There are a huge number of shopping centers in 25 square miles, you can find 7 of these buildings.

Small but effective: the most interesting from a life of small States

Did you know that the streets in the world the Board game Monopoly named after real streets in Atlantic city? The state boasts many well-known things. For example, the world’s longest boardwalk (all in the same Atlantic city). And the phonograph, light bulb and the movie projector was invented in Menlo Park laboratory of Thomas Edison. And the favorite American game of baseball was first played in Hoboken, new Jersey, in 1845.

Local Princeton trained Aaron Burr, David Duchovny, Donald Rumsfeld, Charles Schwab, Brooke shields, and Woodrow Wilson.