Incredible cloud tsunami struck Internet users: the video has gathered almost 5 million views

Residents of the small town of Anna (Il) witnessed perhaps the greatest spectacle in their lives, created in natural conditions.

Maranda Mary Benefield posted in Facebook the video with an unusual sky in the Parking lot of Walmart. On record it is visible as clouds, which, as two drops of water similar to a real tsunami, ominously approaching.

Social media users quickly spread the video, wondering what is this mysterious phenomenon. Many saw this as a harbinger of trouble, others came up with a mystical explanation, but skeptics immediately said it was most likely the so-called gross clouds.

«Just because it looks ominous, this does not indicate that the weather conditions were unfavorable. In fact, the fragmented nature of the leading cloud suggests that the storm has weakened,» explained meteorologist Grant Gilmore of 10Weather.

According to the expert, contrast in lighting added to the picture more dramatic look. He suggested that the clouds in the background were darker for the simple reason that they got less sunlight. It is through this that people can watch the unique spectacle.

At the moment video Marandi gathered almost 5 million views and 61 thousand reposts.