California Church opens the brewery to serve drinks during the service

A creative approach can change everything and everywhere — except what is absolutely established things. Like for example religious movements. There are rules, canons, order, and rituals. It would seem that something extraordinary to add to the usual and strugokrasnensky the Bible order of things, impossible. But…

But this does not apply to the Church Community a great Goal (Greater Purpose Community Church), located in Santa Cruz (CA). Pastor Chris van hull not only reads the sermon here, listens to confession and prays with his parishioners, but also allows them to drink beer during those sermons.

Recently, the religious community sold their old building and now meets in the lounge with appetizers, where there are snacks and beer on tap. So the parishioners, with the approval of your pastor, you can skip a pint of beer during a prayer. The Church plans to go even further and open a brewery.

«In the Bible there is nothing that you can’t drink alcohol in reasonable limits» — says that the idea of a pastor. He noted that all the parishioners drink beer responsibly, a maximum of a glass or two, and the Church plans to donate 30% to 60% of the profits to charity. Besides, added van hull, his preaching so better perceived — especially after two glasses.

Currently, the clergyman makes an old book store in the brewery.

Previously, we reported that the Church was kicked out of the building behind the Billboard.