Things to do in Tampa, Florida

What about Tampa? The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the name of this small town in Florida — the sun, the sea, museums and Busch Gardens. A standard set. Nothing that would rush in search of tickets for the next date in Tampa. Resident of new York or Washington is unlikely to entice the museums, because they abound in their own city. Therefore, for many years the main tourist attraction in Tampa remained Busch Gardens, seeing that it was safe to pack your bags and go home.

But today everything is very different! In the summer of 2018 in Tampa every week there are festivals and fairs, one bar better than another, and the weather for walks on a modern yacht on the waves of the Gulf of Mexico. Modern Tampa is considered one of the best cities in U.S. for an active holiday. USA.One has prepared the top 12 opportunities that await you in Tampa.

P. S. I’m Sorry, Park Busch Gardens, but you’re in this list does not include!

No. 1: Walk along the waterfront of Tampa (Tampa downtown)

Address: 333 S Franklin St., Tampa, FL 33602, USA (Sali Pavilion)

Waterfront Tampa, stretching 4 km along the coast of the Hillsborough river. It is the center of the city and, therefore, will have the opportunity to combine business with pleasure. Along the waterfront of Tampa and ride on bicycles and roller skates, walk on foot. The best place to start — Sail Pavilion. It is the only cafe in town located on the water and in 360°.

Next to rent bikes.

Walking along the promenade, you will pass (or will pass) through the Park Curtis hixon, will see the University of Tampa across the river and the art Museum of Tampa. Next to the entertainment center Straz Center, which often hosts shows and live music nights.

Concluding the walk, be sure to check out café-Ulele brewery and entertainment complex Armature Works, where the food and the cocktails flowing, as if it itself is Hillsborough. In the Heights Armature Works is a Public Market — a Paradise for lovers of modern and innovative cuisine. Imagine an open space area of 2 thousand square meters, where you can find dozens of the best chefs and restaurateurs in Tampa. Here are constantly conducted cooking classes and wine tastings.

No. 2: Walk in the center of St. Petersburg with a visit to the Salvador Dali Museum

Address: St. Petersburg., Florida

Once St. Petersburg (Florida) located 32 km northeast of Tampa, have been modest nickname «the waiting Room of God». Today, this city is one of the main foci of youth recreation in Florida. Over the past 10 years the city centre has changed completely. It was filled with traditional restaurants of the state of Florida, boutiques and bars on the roofs of historic buildings. In the center of St. Petersburg should walk, and after that, you need to go to Pass-A-Grille is a picturesque beach town where have been waiting for sun loungers and beach «Margarita».

Fans of modern art will have to stay in the city, because here is the Museum of Salvador Dali, a famous representative of surrealism of the twentieth century. And visitors there are greeted with champagne!

At the Museum’s Cafe Gala, where on Sundays from 11 am to 2 PM is a themed brunch Mimosas & Masterpieces. Start Sunday afternoon, tasting of dishes prepared according to old Catalan recipes. From drinks drinks with juice ($6,50), Spanish sangria ($6,50) and cider ($8). The entrance to the Museum is $24 per person, but if you come after 5 PM on Thursday, only $10.

If you go to Saint Petersburg’s public transportation bus tickets (straight) will cost you $11-18 per person, depending on class of service. The journey time is 30 minutes.

Book your tickets HERE.

# 3: bike Ride on the longest boardwalk in the world

Address: Hillsborough Bay, South Tampa, Florida, USA

Boulevard Baylor located along the Bay of Tampa, is the longest pedestrian promenade in the world. Its length is 72 km. So go through it all is just unreal. If you decide to conquer the world’s longest boardwalk riding on the bike, better to start at the pier, near which can often be seen known all over Florida pirate ship», Gasparilla».

The boardwalk is not fully available to people. Part of it is located near a military base, closed. Which, incidentally, is only for the benefit of tourists. In this place it is best to turn in the direction of area Ballast Point to see the classic Spanish Florida at its best. For lunch we strongly recommend to order the best sandwich sea bass in the entire state to Big Ray’s Fish Camp for $14.

No. 4: dancing till the morning in the bar Crowbar

Address: 1812 N 17th St., Tampa, FL 33605

In the historic part of Tampa, Ybor city, is the legendary live music club Crowbar. On Sundays in the outdoor area and the club hosts a free party with the best hip hop DJs in the city. To dance on Sunday night, of course, somewhat unusual, but rest and rest, not to follow the rules!

# 5: Canoeing near the cafe The Getaway

Address: Gandy Blvd., St. Pete

The Getaway is located between Tampa and St. Petersburg. This is a very peaceful place in the traditional Florida style, serving fresh oysters and make the best on the coast cocktails based on rum. What are the views alone at sunset! However, if you think that The Getaway come only to eat, something very wrong. Here rent canoes and pedal boats, and for the curious, offer excursions to the nearby National Park Weedon Island. Do you want to visit in the maze of mangroves surrounded by pristine nature? Then you here!

No. 6: a Romantic evening at the rooftop bar Jimmy’s on the Edge

Address: 505 S Gulfview Blvd., Clearwater Beach, FL 33767

Clearwater is the Mecca of Scientology in the United States. This fact is hard to argue, especially after Tom cruise bought in Clearwater giant residence. However, let it does not scare you! In addition, Clearwater is still the best place in Florida for real romantics. On the coast of the Gulf of Mexico you won’t see more beautiful sunsets. Book a table at the largest rooftop bar in town at Jimmy’s on the Edge, located on the rooftop Edge. The bar is open 24 hours, with the height of the 10th floor offers a panoramic view of the entire Clearwater Beach Island. Prices for drinks are quite affordable: craft beer $4.75 per bottle, Margarita — from $8,25 for a cocktail, a traditional Mojito will cost $7,75. In the menu there are snacks.

No. 7: Visit to the «Beer way Tampa»

Address: Tarpon Springs, Florida

Few people know that Tampa has its own NAPA Valley, the green hills and vineyards — here the water of the Gulf of Mexico and countless Breweries. The beginning of the «Beer road» runs from Tarpon Springs through the Mecca of brewing, the city of Dunedin, in the direction of St. Petersburg. In total it takes about an hour if you drive without stopping. However, what’s the point? On the way to meet more than 30 Breweries and cafes with their own installations for the manufacture of beer, including such famous establishments, located in the Clearwater or Big Storm, 3 Daughters Brewing. Be sure to taste your favorite Beers: when the opportunity arises!

Important! Going to the «Beer way Tampa» order your taxi. Not worth it to drive after the tasting. Safety first.

No. 8: Evening fishing on the yacht

Address: the pier in downtown Tampa

If in California, a favorite pastime of locals and tourists is the surfing in Florida is the fishing. To feel like a real resident of the state, so to speak, to immerse themselves in the local atmosphere, order your evening fishing on the boat. Believe me, the evening spent on a yacht surrounded by the crystal waters of the Gulf of Mexico, with views of the famous bridge Sky you will remember for a very long time. Well, if you’re lucky enough to come ashore with their catch, you cook it right there in the restaurant nearby on the beach or simply on the boat (depending on which yacht you are renting). So you will be able to provide own dinner!

No. 9: walk through the historic town of Ybor City

Address: Ybor City

To capture the atmosphere of this historic area of Tampa called Ybor city, just say the word «cigar». Definitely the best way to experience Ybor city is a walking tour along the brick streets of the area, which still can meet the passing chickens.

A Must-have sightseeing tour in Ybor City:

  • take a stroll on world famous 7th Avenue and go to section located here cigar bars;
  • buy original Cuban bread bakery with 100 years of history, La Segunda Central Bakery;
  • dine in the iconic neighbourhood restaurant, decorated in colonial style — Columbia Restaurant;
  • to visit the last family-run cigar factory USA J. C. Newman Cigar Factory, making cigars Cuesta Rey.

# 10: down the river on a rubber disc and a meeting with the manatees

Address: Manatee County

Tampa has it all! There will be entertainment for nature lovers, because the city is almost surrounded by rivers with fresh water. They are so numerous that even residing in Tampa people can’t boast knowledge of the names of all the local rivers. And where there are rivers, there will always be a place for active forms of recreation. For example, you can organize a descent along the river on a rubber disc.

The best, and besides, closest to the Tampa place of descent, is the Manatee river. It was sent here for all nature lovers, because in addition to the exciting two-hour walk along the river you provided a rendezvous with the manatees! In the summer months when the river is flowing, you are guaranteed to see these beautiful members of the animal world. Well, those who miss the thrill of waiting for «jumping»!

No. 11: Practice yoga in the style of hip-hop

Address: 3012 W Palmira Avenue, Tampa, FL 33629

Even on vacation do not forget about health. In Tampa with great trepidation relate to maintaining physical fitness, so do not be surprised that in a relatively small city you will find many fitness centers, and some of them highly original orientation. Take, for example, Camp Tampa. It’s not just a fitness center. In addition to a variety of group classes, including hip-hop yoga, Camp Tampa also care about the health of the residents of the city, offering healthy and wholesome food to the local branch of the new York chain restaurants in the Ciccio Restaurant Group family.

One visit is $18.

No. 12: Tasting of pink Sprinkles cupcakes ATM

While walking around the historical places of Tampa on the eyes and then caught a strange, pink, ATMs. No, this is not a branch of the Bank for blondes. This is just the original method of sales from manufacturing company Sprinkles cupcakes. All you need to do is to choose the taste on the ATM screen and pay by card (cash not accepted). Exactly five seconds you will become the proud owner of a box with cupcakes Sprinkles!

The price for one cupcake is $4, although in reality you pay $3.50 per cupcake itself plus 50 cents per box.