Half a century of the rarest 1967 Ford Mustang was rusting in a junkyard, and now worth millions

He who seeks will find, proved Craig Jackson and his team find in the junkyard vintage Ford Mustang GT500 1967, which has long been considered destroyed.

The prototype, affectionately nicknamed «red girl», Ford gave the racer and designer Carroll Shelby for testing some ideas. After that, the experimental model was placed in storage, and then for many decades lost.

1967 Ford Shelby GT500 EXP ‘Little Red’ Prototype Discovered in Texas https://t.co/r09n5GeiIL pic.twitter.com/NeirYBmqVS

— Owen Bartolemei (@AliasAutoDesign) August 18, 2018

«Found «red baby» — the opening of the whole of life, — said at the presentation of «Mustang» Craig Jackson, Chairman and CEO of the auction house Barrett-Jackso. — The prototype Shelby was one of the most sought after and elusive cars in post-war history. Countless enthusiasts and experts have searched for “red baby”, which in the 1960-ies disappeared. Many believed that, being unnecessary, the car was destroyed. I am pleased to report that it is not. We found the «red baby» and intend with great care to restore this legendary car to the original appearance».

As it turned out, learning another exclusive car — Shelby Mustang EXP 500 Green Horne, Craig Jackson and the auto Jason Billups found the inventory list with all identification numbers of cars (VIN). Billups suggested that everyone who watched the videos of the «red baby», used serial number is released by Shelby, and not the original VIN of Ford motor company, which fell into their hands.

Found the room was registered in Texas, where for many years and rusted in a dump car rare. According to Jackson, the last owner of the «red baby» left her in the warehouse in an unusable state. Later, the container was cracked, and the car was stolen a few details. Then the man moved her to the home of his cousin, Waterford and left in the yard among a heap of scrap metal.

The authenticity Mustang GT500 tested renowned expert on Mustangs Kevin Marty, last year confirmed what was found in Mexico, the Ford Mustang has been the most legendary car from the movie «Bullitt», who disappeared after shooting in 1968.

Despite the poor condition of the «red baby», the lack of engine, transmission and hood, Jackson is convinced that he can bring «beauty» to its original appearance.