Man with down syndrome kissed his father after a week of the trip: the video attracted 19 million views

53-year-old Matt COBANK with down syndrome recently flew across the country to see his favorite baseball player Aaron judge from the «new York Yankees». However, because of this he has not seen father for nearly a week for the last 25 years, ever since mother died, Matt’s such a long separation for them was a rarity.

His sister, mercy Kobrin Mayer, was confident that on his return to Los Angeles with her brother, will be a violent reaction when meeting with their 88-year-old father, Malcolm Kobrinka. A woman was filming a touching moment after Matt started down the escalator at Los Angeles International Airport.

«I knew that my brother and father are very closely related, so I was sure that after five days brother will really miss father,» — said mercy PEOPLE.

The record shows, as Matt ran to the man and then hugged and kissed him. According to mercy, the reaction of the brother does not be surprised.

«Sometimes I don’t see him for several days, and then come to visit him or my dad brings it to me, and then he kisses me like 20 times. He’s just very loving and great to see you all!» — said sister.

Posted by Marcy Cobrink Mayer on Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Video of the reunion of father and son quickly went viral and gathered 19 million views and 200 thousand shares and 22 thousand comments in about 2 weeks. Many people wrote that they were incredibly moved by the reaction of Matt.

«People all over the world send me photos of their children with down syndrome and say that cried from happiness watching such a long relationship built on love between father and son,» said mercy.

She hopes that this video will bring a little joy to everyone who will watch it.