Every 50 minutes meets the love of his life on Board

Spark in the planes slip more often than you think — and it’s not about laptops or smartphones that periodically light up on the Board.

According to a recent study by British Bank HSBC, interviewed more than 5 thousand people around the world, each 50 minutes met the love of his life in the plane. The survey was conducted in July 2018 for travelers from 141 countries.

However in the sky are not just love stories. 16% of respondents said that established business experience during the voyage, and 14% have made friends with fellow travelers. Among the respondents, the two Americans have created a family with the people I met during the trips.

Of the respondents interviewed and the negative during flights.

65% of respondents said that their jars with the rudeness of the flight attendants. 57% hate it when kids beat feet on the back of the chair. 48% annoying passengers removing shoes, and 47% drinkers during the flight.

37% are outraged when a neighbor takes them to the armrest, and 18% don’t like it when the passengers applaud after landing.

Anyway, if the survey results are correct — a little patience. Maybe soon you will meet someone special. Because you never know who will sit next to you on the plane.