100-year-old Baker, admitted that the secret to his longevity is eating the cakes

100-year-old pensioner Leslie Hayman, who has worked all his life as a Baker, has revealed the secret of his long life: never forget the dessert!

According to his family, the man is healthy and leads an active lifestyle due to its «incredible appetite». Heyman began working in the family bakery Hayman’s bakery at the age of 12, when he opened his sweet tooth.

«This is actually incredible, he never leaves [on the plate], and never skips dessert,» says his 74-year-old daughter Jennifer.

100-year-old man says never skipping dessert is the secret to long life.https://t.co/Ubbb92dvi0 pic.twitter.com/MPRxiDTiK9

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His son Tom, who is also 74 years old, added that his father is still engaged in gardening: «He’s a wonderful man. And he eats more than I do, we don’t know where this is all going away».

The man who has 10 grandchildren, every day after dinner, enjoy a pie or pudding.

Hayman’s bakery was founded by the grandfather of the old-timer George Hayman in 1890. The man himself, who recently turned 100 years old, joined the family business in the 1930-ies, but he had to interrupt his activities because of the Second world war.

In 1942, he fought for the liberation of Italy. Hayman returned to England, and her family bakery at the end of hostilities, and he worked there until he retired.

After two marriages he has three children, five grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.