The Russian musician accused the US of wanting to destroy Russia to grab its resources

The leader of the Russian rock band «Alisa» Konstantin Kinchev in a recent interview with journalist Yuri Dude said the United States wants to destroy Russia and seize its natural resources. About it the actor said during the recording of the next edition of «wdwd». In order to avoid this, Russia needs a strong army that would defend the country, says Kinchev.

«Who wants to take? America, of course. To me this was evident when America started to bomb Belgrade. The illusion that the free world is beautiful and is a Paradise on Earth collapsed at the time. So now not cherish illusions. America — the eternal enemy of Russia», — said the musician.

Continuing with the theme, Kinchev began to claim that the US wants to destroy Russia, and not Vice versa. According to him, Russia never thought about the attack and just defended. And always has been. The musician also said that his position «is unpopular in Russia», and the current state is identical to the hypocritical and false to the Soviet Union. And, despite everything, the Soviet Union never wanted to erase from the face of the earth America.

It is noteworthy that Konstantin Kinchev is known as an ardent homophobe, and in this interview he not paid attention to the LGBT community. The artist believes that homosexuality is unnatural phenomenon, and these people should be held criminally responsible.

In his opinion, is more useful when they’re afraid. Kinchev believes that the LGBT community was «abusing children.» After this statement, the musician moved to profanity, advising gays to sit at home and not go out.

It is also worth noting that Konstantin Kinchev in the past actively used drugs. Stop addiction helped him faith, which he considers himself «Orthodox in the head».


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