From 1 October, waiting for the answer about the visa the H-1B will not be able to work legally

To find an employer and get visa H-1B is often one of the main aspirations of foreign students who arrived in the U.S. on a visa F-1. However, from 1 October, even those who are already waiting for a response about the change of status may be illegal workers.

H-1B is a visa given to qualified foreigners, to enable them to work in the US for a certain period. Many students from other countries upon graduation served in the Service of citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) a petition to obtain a work H-1B visa. Thus, they fall into the so-called Cap-gap. This means that until September 30, a student with F-1 visa who has filed an application to change status to H-1B may legally work in the United States.

This year, however, USCIS does not promise to promptly handle all requests for this type of work visa due to high demand. If the student will be among those who before October 1, have not received a response about his status, the Cap — gap automatically ends and he no longer has the right to work legally in the United States. However, he may still be in the United States on F-1 and wait for the results of processing the petition.

At the beginning of the year reported that thousands of skilled workers with visas H-1B can be deported if there will be made another proposal of the President of Donald trump to toughen the visa regime.

Work visa in USA H-1B will not be issued until 2019 limit in 5 days

US companies, which employ highly qualified foreigners will not be able to expand the state until 2019. The fact is that the limit of applications for a work visa in the U.S. H-1B, which allows skilled workers to work temporarily in the United States, was exhausted within 5 days. Acceptance of applications began on 2 April, and today this process has been suspended.

From 1 October, waiting for the answer about the visa the H-1B will not be able to work legally Website