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Seattle was replenished with Russian-speaking inhabitants with the outbreak of the First world war. Already by 1925, their number in the city was $ 5,000. Here then was founded by two Russian Orthodox churches, where it was to kneel migrant and as a last resort to find help. Today, Russian speakers in Seattle is significantly less than in Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco and, of course, new York.

The standard of living this city is very similar to Boston. To ensure a decent living, not everyone can, although in Seattle almost always have a job. What is its appeal? Where the pros and cons of where? Try to understand.

US cities | All about SeattleAs I live in Seattle

Seattle is considered the birthplace of grunge. Here born frontman of the popular American band Nirvana Kurt Cobain. Jimi Hendrix roamed the streets, when he still did not know on every corner. However, the city in which he started Soundgarden, today is not found.

The tech giants of the business world such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Starbucks have changed the metropolis. In both good and bad side.

In Seattle, almost do not know what unemployment is. The level of 4%! In this city the highest percentage of people with higher education.

Life in Seattle has been rather quiet in the city almost forgotten that such a crime. In spirit he is rather liberal. But clearly the downside is that accommodation here at 76.5% higher than the U.S. national average. Ordinary people increasingly have to move to the suburbs. Perhaps the middle class in Seattle will disappear very soon.

Seattle loves outdoor activities. The city is popular for Hiking, mountaineering, kayaking, skiing and sailing only under these sails, not a speedboat.

US cities | All about Seattle

Great attention Seattle residents pay to protect the environment. Lake Washington, the Cascade mountains on the horizon and evergreen trees everywhere — the power of the city as possible to protect everything that relates to flora and fauna. Thanks to this care the city is incredibly alive and green. Every step of growing rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, ornamental cherry trees.

Seattle attracts young people to its lightness, fresh air, crystal clear water and picturesque mountains. For the Millennials it is a very tempting place. However, the city is rather for people, firmly standing on his feet. And Yes, Seattle is ideal for Hiking in the fresh air.

There are no wild and vibrant night life like in new York, or an endless day of fun. Young people are mostly found on the campus of the University of Washington.

It is a comfortable place for the LGBT community. What is «homophobic discrimination» here is not know. Even potential haters behave politely and quietly. But the city is not too tolerant towards African-Americans.

US cities | All about SeattleRental housing in Seattle

Clearly demonstrates the high cost of Seattle housing. House cost, of course, inferior to San Francisco or new York, but are about on par with Los Angeles and San Diego. Average house in Seattle will cost you $584 thousand

As a consequence, many of the tent camps for the homeless. However, slightly less than in San Francisco, where living in a tent or a trailer — routine, not only for the lumpen, but for some workers in Silicon valley.

The cost of renting an apartment in Seattle is quite high. But who seeks will always find. To find a single apartment for $1,100 — quite possibly. There are studios for $1,000 a month. In the California Metropolitan areas dream about that is not necessary.

Those who already happen to live in Seattle, have warned about the existence of rental discrimination. The fact that landlords prefer to rent to only those who has no family and works at Google or Facebook. So, planning a move to Seattle, thoroughly analyze your past income and the real rate perspective.

And don’t count on the probable discounts you are in the queue 7 other tenants actively seeking housing.

US cities | All about SeattleWork in Seattle

The minimum wage is much higher than, for example, Boston or Chicago is $15 per hour. To date, the highest paying jobs in the IT sector. Here even unskilled personnel will be able to get a decent pay. If you are an expert of a narrow profile — feel free to plan his carefree life. However, remember that competitors in Seattle you will have 10 times more than any other in the world.

Weather in Seattle

Unlike Chicago and Minneapolis, in Seattle is pretty mild snowless winter. However, the climate is rather peculiar. Yes, there will not have to prepare for the final frost and hurricanes, but count on warm summer not worth it. Classic the weather here is rainy and cloudy, so most of the year.

Over time you get used to rain and more and more you start to appreciate the beauty around. The mountains in Seattle are incredible. And the scenery outside the city is simply mesmerizing. If you get out on the weekend is 40 miles (64 km) eastward to the mountains, you will see the most beautiful places ever seen.

US cities | All about SeattleWhat to eat in Seattle

Let’s just abandon the classic American conversations about fast food. Remember about the bird and vegetables, local favorites, salads and fruit desserts.

In Seattle one of the traditional dishes is a steak or rare roast beef, vegetables or potatoes on the side.

In this city you will definitely promise the best oysters of those that have ever had. And in addition, special coffee. The culture of consumption in the whole country even went from here.

Seattle restaurateurs are absolutely convinced that they will be able to meet the needs of every foodie: the cuisine of all Nations of the world, lazy and contemplative dinner or a quick lunch snack. Of course, in such an expensive place the best places — nice restaurants, calculated on a fat wallet. For example, Canlis restaurant for lovers of fish and meat dishes. And yet — for romantics and lovers of a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere.

US cities | All about Seattle

If you are going to El Gaucho Seattle, you must book a table. For experimenters — Blueacre Seafood. Every day a new menu with a special accent on seafood: variations of dishes with them are countless. The average price for a good restaurant, Seattle kept at $90-130.