The passport of which country the most powerful in the world?

9 Oct Henley Index presented its annual report «the best passports in the world», which is formed on the principle of visa-free access of citizens to other countries. In 2018, the clear winner was Japan, ahead of Singapore, with whom she previously shared the championship.

190 — so many countries can travel to the Japanese without a visa. Singaporeans behind by 1 country. Germany, which started in 2018 the first place, now occupies the third position on a par with France and South Korea. The inhabitants of these countries are free to go to 188 destinations.

The position of the United States since last year has not changed: the state remains at the 5th place, holding this position along with Norway, the United Kingdom, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Here is now the first ten countries with the most powerful passports:

1. Japan: 190

2. Singapore: 189

3. Germany, France, South Korea: 188

4. Denmark, Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden: 187

5. Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, United States: 186

6. Belgium, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland: 185

7. Australia, Greece, Malta: 183

8. New Zealand, Czech Republic: 182

9. Iceland: 181

10. Hungary, Malaysia, Slovenia: 180

But the worst are still Afghanistan and Iraqwhose citizens visa-free access was granted only 30 countries. Syrian Arab Republic, which, along with Asian countries previously headed the list of the worst passports, now moved up one level. So, now Syria is on par with Somalia — their citizens may visit 32 countries without a visa.

Ukraine has slightly improved its performance, rising to 41st place. And Russia has dropped from 45th to 47th place. Belarus takes the 68th position with 77 visa-free destinations.