The main sights of Boston

Boston is the most European American city, named in honor of the British big brother. Here was opened the first U.S. chocolate factory. In the main University boat can sail under a train passing under a car or flying a plane. If we talk about the biggest theft in the history of art, that it occurred in this city. Here born Uma Thurman and Barbara Walters, mark Wahlberg and Bobby brown.

Weather forecast in Boston are predicting colored lights on top of the old John Hancock Tower. Solid blue promise a clear day, flashing — cloudy and overcast. Red means rain, and the flickering red — snow.

Boston is a truly amazing city, which incorporates the most interesting and atmospheric of different cultures. Let’s make a list of places to visit.

Fenway Park

Fenway Park home of the Boston baseball team the Boston Red Sox since 1912. The most important difference from other baseball parks — 37-foot wall, known as the «Green monster.» Come here to walk, even if games have the Red Sox in the near future is not expected. Here are offered daily 50-minute tours of the County.

The main sights of Boston

4 Yawkey Way

Newbury St

It is the main shopping district of Boston, where the collection of luxury shops, Spa and fitness centers, art studios, great restaurants and bars. Newbury street is 8-9 blocks from Massachusetts Avenue to Arlington street (here begins the Boston public garden). Locals recommend Newbury St, as a place where one can enjoy family leisure.

The main sights of Boston

North End

The Bostonians is a favorite Italian neighborhood with amazing authentic restaurants and bakeries. Euno, Neptune Oyster, Galleria Umberto, Bricco, Strega, Lucca…

The North End is 3 miles from South Boston. It is simply charming: narrow streets, squat house and absolutely calm traffic. Very comfortable, most people are friendly, and the prices are quite adequate.

The main sights of Boston

Freedom Trail

The Freedom trail is a path length of 2.5 miles (4.0 km), which runs through the centre of Boston. In this area there are 16 important for United States locations. Those are the places where history was made. From the first public schools in America and the oldest Church building in Boston to places associated with the struggle of America for independence from great Britain. In fact, it is a huge Museum of history under the open sky.

The main sights of Boston

Bunker Hill Monument

Briefly about what happened here in 1775. The monument of Bunker-hill was erected in honor of the battle of Bunker hill, which became one of the first major battles for the independence of America. Bunker Hill Monument — part of the Freedom Trail. The walk will bring a lot of impressions. And climbing to the top — a great workout! The climb to 200 feet worth it to enjoy beautiful views of Boston.

The main sights of Boston

Mount Auburn Cemetery

It is rather strange to recommend tourists to the mandatory visit to the cemetery. But mount Auburn is also one of the most beautiful parks in Boston. Broke his Juris Frederick Olmsted, who designed Central Park in new York and own Emerald Necklace Park system in Boston.

Mount Auburn cemetery, the first in America, opened in 1831. Today it is a national historic landmark. Admission is free, but a donation of a few dollars is always welcome. Take audio or a personal live-guided tour of the historic monuments to find out «who is who» in the Boston society of the late 19th century to the present day.

The landscape is magnificent in its almost original beauty. Come here early in the morning on a day off, you will see lovers for bird watching and landscape photographers. The undoubted bonus is the wonderful view of the surroundings from the Washington tower (especially beautiful in autumn).

Please note that this is an active cemetery, so to walk in some areas prohibited. Not Jogging, Cycling or picnics. So quietly take a stroll, and then look in the bakery Sarma, in the comfort and quiet to digest what he saw beauty.

The main sights of Boston

580 Mt Auburn St

Old North Church

This Church has a beautiful story. On the night of April 18, 1775, with its steeple, was sent the famous signal «One if by land and two if by sea». The message was from the American revolutionary and warned about the approaching British troops.

The main sights of Boston

193 Salem Street

Museum of Fine Arts

MFA opened its doors to visitors July 4, 1876. Obustraivalis in Copley Square, the Museum is home to 5,600 works of art. MFA is the fourth largest Museum in the States. Today more than 450 000 items, and it is the most complete collection in America. A number of famous paintings, the Museum contains artifacts from around the world. There are four dining rooms for every taste, eliminating the need to leave the room during the day. Three hours will fly by! But if you plan to run for a while, check the price of the evening-enter the environment — it can be below classic.

The main sights of Boston

465 Huntington Avenue

Harvard University

University of Harvard was founded in 1636. Today is the oldest institution of higher education and one of the most prestigious universities in the United States. Distinguished alumni: civil rights leader W. E. B. Du Bois, philosopher Henry David Thoreau, writer Gertrude Stein, composer Leonard Bernstein and seven U.S. presidents.

Take a stroll through Harvard square, the epicenter of Harvard. Be sure to touch the statue of John Harvard to one day walk these paths as a local student! You can register for a free tour of the University on the website of the University. You will have the opportunity to enjoy great art, music, bookshops, boutiques and cafes.

The main sights of Boston

Harvard Yard

Boston Public Library

This is the first public municipal library in the world! Come in for a tour to learn about the history and architecture as well as enjoy tea in the lovely courtyard (reservation required).

You probably knew about the existence of this lovely courtyard at the library, but it is unlikely you know that in June-August are held here fortnightly concerts!

The main sights of Boston

700 Boylston Street

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

A true Boston gem. Absolutely unique little Palace, where you can relax while enjoying exclusive art collection, personally selected by Isabella Gardner. In her will, all exhibits and located in the order that it established.

Must-see replica of a Venetian Palace with inner courtyard and seasonal flowers.

The main sights of Boston

25 Evans Way

Museum of Science

The Museum’s mission is to establish a relationship of the nation with science and technology. Technological progress creates and changes our world, so we should be more informed. Museum of Science encourages young people interested in science. They inspire to explore and develop, to learn the essence of nature and man.

In the Museum you can spend a couple of hours, and you can hang out all day — there is something entertaining for everyone. Touch a lizard, watch chickens hatch, look at the artificially created lightning. After all that, there will be hundreds of exhibits.

The main sights of Boston

1 Science Park

Jamaica Pond

The location is ideal for walks in your location of 1.49 miles around a picturesque pond. You can rent a boat, and after the picnic. Sometimes the Boathouse and Pinebank Manor give live concerts. This is a great place to be alone with nature in the heart of the bustling city. If you manage to drop by here in mid-October — will be pleasantly surprised. Here is the annual lantern Parade around the pond!

The main sights of Boston

Charles River Esplanade

This a short walk to the Esplanade worth your time! Along the way you will certainly note the Charles river, Storrow Drive and the bridge Salt & Pepper. Take a bike ride, jog and just watch local. Here, all the time organize interesting concerts and other events! All of this is on the street below Harvard. One of the bridges (a lot of them here) will lead you to pretty sight on Cambridge. And summer nights, here free show a movie!

The main sights of Boston

Boston Public Garden

Boston Public Gardens is right across the street from Boston Common. In the garden there are many monuments of important historical figures. There are picturesque walking paths, pond and Swan boats (Swan Boats) — the highlight of the Boston public garden. Be yourself inexpensive outdoor activities beautiful day with the family.

Among other things, Boston Public Garden, the oldest Botanical garden in the United States. Here are concentrated all the charm and grace of Boston.

The main sights of Boston

4 Charles Street