November 1 will come into force changes in the rules for obtaining a green card

Service citizenship and US immigration services (USCIS) announced a change in one of the key requirements for obtaining a green card from 1 November. The amendments concern the medical examination and vaccinations.

Note, a medical examination is a mandatory requirement for all foreigners applying for the status of a lawful permanent resident.

Under the new rules USCIS medical form I-693 must be signed by an authorized physician (doctor accredited by Service of citizenship and immigration USA for medical examination and preparing medical documents for immigrants) not later than 60 days prior to applying for a green card, and immigration benefits.

The form will be valid for 2 years from the date of its signing by the doctor.

Earlier the doctor had to sign the results of the medical examination so close to the filing date of the application. This created a problem for many applicants, because by the time of the granting of immigration benefits form I-693 was already invalid and had to update it.

USCIS say: in a more compressed timeframe, it is important that applicants for green cards were counting the time required for medical examinations and vaccinations.