Finger Ozzy Osbourne grew to the size of the bulb due to the extremely dangerous infections

The legend of rock music, Ozzy Osbourne had no idea that his life is in danger, while his thumb has not increased to the size of the bulb.

7 October visit of a musician in Instagram there was a post about what he did emergency surgery on the finger in connection with the transmission.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone the musician said that happened to him. After a concert in salt lake city Osborne found that can’t wear a ring on thumb. At first he didn’t realize this, but started to worry when the night of his finger increased in 10 times.

He was immediately taken to the emergency room, where it appeared that Ozzy had contracted a potentially deadly staph infection. As a result, the musician had to be postponed four concerts to focus on treatment.

Osbourne told Rolling Stone about his feelings during the operation: according to the singer, despite the painkillers, he felt a hellish pain and it seemed to him that is in agony.

Finger Ozzy Osbourne grew to the size of the bulb due to the extremely dangerous infectionsOzzy Osbourne with his wife Sharon. s_bukley /

The rock singer told about how I could become infected with staph.

«The doctor said to me, «Try to remember, maybe with someone talking and shaking hands with?»», — Osborne told the publication. At the doctor’s question he answered: «Well, I always meet and greet at the concert, and I have to shake 200 hands for the day.» The doctor said that it «explains a lot».

After discharge the doctor recommended for the musician to hold the injured arm in a special soap solution twice a day for about 10 days. The doctor also advised him to abandon the upcoming concerts until the finger heals. He also warned that if the wound will again get infected, it can lead to death.