New York has allocated $1.9 million to the Louis Armstrong house Museum

The new York city government decided to allocate $1.9 million, the house-Museum of jazz legend Louis Armstrong in Corona (Queens). Funds will go to repair the house next to the Museum.

White building next to the home of Louis and Lucille Armstrong would be unremarkable, if not for his mistress, Selma Heraldo.

After the death of jazz in 1971, and then his wife in 1983, Selma Heraldo, like anyone else, could tell about the life of Armstrong in Queens. Their neighbor regularly attended events hosted by the Museum, which opened in the Armstrong household in 2003, and after his death (Heraldo died in 2011), she left the house Museum.

7 years later, the Department of culture of new York announced that the city has allocated for repair of a 2-storey house, Heraldo, known as the name a Selma’o’s House, $1.9 million Earlier in July 2017, the project has already received about $1 million.

The Museum’s management hopes to improve the condition name a Selma’o’s House, while retaining its historical value.

«You go in, and it seems that you are back in 1950-th year», — said in a telephone interview with New York Times B. J. Upton. Adler, acting Director of the Museum.

Louis Armstrong House Museum Gets $1.9 Million From City

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She Selma Heraldo, even when life has made it clear that he would like to have her house has retained its original look.

«She became a part of history,» said Adler.

In addition to adding more office and warehouse space to name a Selma’o’s House Museum is planning to renovate the kitchen to serve food and beverages to the visitors of the concerts and other events dedicated to the jazz legend.