The best November festivals in new York: from movies to wine

Regardless of what you are interested in, there is always a festival to taste.

On the horizon one can see the events for the anime fans, foodies, movie lovers or anyone who just loves to laugh.

So, in the calendar you can mark upcoming events in the city, and most importantly — do not forget that the people of new York very quickly snapping up tickets.

Wine Riot

Wine Riot is the opportunity to taste hundreds of new wines. You will travel around the world while on the ground, and try things that have never been tasted before. At this festival, wine lovers will be able to satisfy your taste, as the organizers promise that it will provide a huge amount of wines from France, Italy, Chile, South Africa and the USA. Also you can visit the thematic stands type Wine 101 booth, bar Bubbly grape and regional pavilions.

The best November festivals in new York: from movies to wine

Entrance — $65,

from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Friday,

from 2:30 to 5 p.m. and from 7:30 to 10 p.m. Saturday,

Brooklyn Expo Center 72 Noble St.,

Festival Reimagine End of Life

until 3 November

In addition to the other 350 events across the city, this festival includes Comedy shows, film screenings, discussions, dance, spiritual practices (yoga, day of the dead festival, blessing of animals) and many more. Live music will accompany you throughout the festival. You will be able to see the performance of famous caricaturists rose frequently about racial inequalities, as well as robots artists brad Corrigan and Chadwick Stokes. Of the most unusual, will have the opportunity to attend the lessons of writing obituaries and informational training on the planning of end of life.

The best November festivals in new York: from movies to wine

Full schedule at:

Lees on Canal, Manhattan

Festival of adventure films

5 Nov

Outdoors you can watch the touching short films in which people are concerned about the state of the environment, and demonstrate the beauty of nature and the urge to take care of her. The movies will show up to help new York to raise money for funding future exploratory visits urban youth with the natural beauty.

Entrance — $20-55, from 7 to 9 p.m.

The school of visual arts,

333 W. 23rd St,

The new York Comedy festival

5-11 November

Among the participants — Jonathan van ness and Anthony Porowski from Queer Eye, as well as about 200 other comedians such as Tracy Morgan, Conan O’brien, bill Burr, Jimmy Kerr and Gabriel Iglesias. You can visit over a hundred different shows.

Nitehawk Shorts Festival

7-12 November

The six-day festival Nitehawk includes a demonstration of short films (up to 20 minutes) to the cinema with a new location, special events (seminars) and parties with prizes. Will present films of various genres: animated, documentary, narrating the life of artists, music videos and more. All of them come from local, national and international filmmakers. Premiere of the festival and daily deals of the day include a special music program called Music Driven, popular Midnite horror program and secret show Contenders.

The best November festivals in new York: from movies to wine

Anime in new York

16-18 November

Anime returns to the people of new York for the second year in a row. At the festival you can taste traditional dish of ramen. Also, you expect more than 200 points of sale, several live performances, including the Anisong World Matsuri concert with Luna Haruna, Shoko Nakagawa and Morning Musume, exclusive shows and a huge contingent of people in cosplay.

The best November festivals in new York: from movies to wine

Entrance — $40-295,

from 1 to 10 p.m. November 16,

from 10 am to 10 PM November 17,

from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. November 18,

the Javits Center, 655 W. 34th St.,

The Latke Festival

3 Dec

At this festival you can taste the incredible amount of delicious food, ranging from traditional latke standard recipe variations and ending with lobster tempura and vegetables cooked in a special way, do not disclose the recipe. This year for the title of Best Latke will fight guys like Fonda, Fry Guys, Burger & Lobster, Dutch Boy Burger, Riss’ Knishes, and many others, whose dishes are also worth a try at least once, because where else will you find such an amount of delicious food, not at this festival? Of course, there are fairs where food is free to try, but this festival should go though, because it is you who will decide which of these participants will receive the title of Best Latke. Every dish you can taste and appreciate. Festival tickets include unlimited tastings of all types of dishes.

Entrance — $75, 6 — 8:30 pm

200 Eastern Pkwy.,