«Fantastic beasts 2»: what you need to know about the crimes green de Wald after the premiere today in Paris

Thursday, November 8, in Paris premiere of the second film about the fantastic creatures. In world hire the picture «Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald» will be released in a week — November 15. At a time when only a few hundred lucky people were able to view the film in Paris, the creators of the film shared on YouTube a video in which tell about relationships, «Fantastic beasts» with the story of Harry Potter.

We, along with Jude law and Eddie Readmename also decided to analyze all information available about the upcoming premiere and to highlight the main references to the original story of kynoselen. Be careful on spoilers.


First of all you need to say about Nagini. In the original story about Harry Potter a giant snake was a faithful companion and tristraum the Dark Lord. In the new film it is revealed that Nagini was not always a snake. In fact, the companion Volan de mort was formerly a female Animagus (a magician, able to take the form of an animal). In «Fantastic beasts 2», we find out why Nagini will forever remain a snake.

The Director Of Hogwarts

When we looked Potteriana, I knew that the Director of Hogwarts, the white-haired wizard Dumbledore will die towards the end of the story. However, when it happened, many of us still it was a shame, too fond of the wizard. Fortunately, in the new film Professor Dumbledore will live. Rather, we will return to the days when he was still young and very ambitious magician, obsessed with crazy ideas. In fact, the entire film is built on the relationship and rivalry between Dumbledore and green de Wald.

The author of biting tutorial

Of course, can not forget about the main character of «Fantastic creatures». In the second part of the story we meet again with the newt Scamander — author of a textbook on magical Zoology. By the way, the fandom fans discuss the curious relationship: the mysterious Luna Lovegood married the grandson of newt — the main character of the movie «Fantastic beasts».

Bigger on the inside than the outside

No, we are not talking about a blue police box from the series «Doctor Who», which really is a spaceship and time machine. We are about bottomless bags, which are found in the Potterian (remember how Hermione was going on the road for krestraj) and «Fantastic creatures». However, in the case of newt Scamander — the whole world (not one), inhabited by the most fantastic creatures.

Of an obscure

Wizards who suppressed his magical abilities are called obscure. In the Potterian only a few strokes told that Dumbledore’s sister was just obscurum. In the new film we find out more of what happened with Ariadne Dumbledore.

The alchemist

Remember Nicolas Flamel? Well, of course — is the Creator of the philosopher’s stone from the very first part of Harry Potter. In the movie «Fantastic beasts: Crime green de Wald» we finally get to meet him personally.


Yes! We will again see the most famous school of magic. At least in the trailers for the film appeared so dear to the heart of every fan of castle.

In General, the universe of Harry Potter in a new film about the fantastic creatures will show much wider. It can not but rejoice, because, you see, it references to the Potterian we lacked in the first part of the epic «Fantastic beasts».

And yet, Muhler…

Everyone remember cute animal behavior on jewels from the first part of «Fantastic creatures». We’ll meet him in the second film. By the way, the stories about Harry Potter it is also common, but talk about it there?