Cat actor Frankie Muniza destroyed his house worth several million dollars

A unique case happened with the famous American show business Frankie Muniza. Actor and presenter of the popular program «dancing with the stars: Junior» admitted that pet cat almost destroyed his house, causing damage of several million dollars.

As he told Muniz on the social network Twitter, he went to France to attend the funeral of his uncle. The man was absent for 4 days, and when he returned home he found a flooded mansion. It turned out that his cat accidentally opened the faucet and made a real deluge, having made a kind of «diversion».

«Everything I owned, destroyed. All the walls, works of art, personal photographs, furniture… And all because of the fact that my cat accidentally opened the tap a few days ago while I was away,» complains Frankie Muniz.

Cat actor Frankie Muniza destroyed his house worth several million dollars

It turned out that the cat accidentally opened the faucet, making a kind of «diversion», and made a real flood. Photo: @frankiemuniz4

According to the broadcaster, the total damage is difficult to assess, but we are talking about millions. The man said that upon returning home, he cried for 2 days straight because I could not believe what happened. Given the funeral of his uncle, it is difficult to imagine what emotions experienced broadcaster, having seen the scale of the disaster.

Some fans tried to support their idol jokes. Someone said that the current situation is a clear example of why you need to have cats and not dogs. Another user questioned the «accident» occurred. He joked that the cat most likely did it on purpose.

However, not without criticism. Many people have expressed outrage irresponsible Muniza. Their surprised that the host had left the animal for 4 days unattended and not secured cat proper care. This category of commentators agreed that Muniz himself is to blame for their troubles, because no animal will suffer to similar relationships. In addition, some of the fans noted the carelessness of the man who did not bother to turn off the water in the house, going to another country.

The presenter refused to answer the question about the future of the animal. People worry that a man can sleep once beloved cat and offer to take shkodnitsa to yourself. Anyway, one thing is clear: this lesson is the star of the show will remember for the rest of my life.


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