The hunter shot the most popular wolf in Montana

5 km from Allocconsole national Park in Montana, a hunter shot and killed a popular and beloved amongst connoisseurs of the wild nature of the wolf, nicknamed «Spitfire.» The animal, contrary to the standards wolf behavior, demonstrated elements of addiction, many saw her up close, and now bitterly mourn the loss.

Sad news coming out of Yellowstone National Park 926F was shot in Montana’s wolf trophy hunt…

— Wolves of Douglas Co (@WolvesDouglasCo) November 29, 2018

Nicknamed by fans «Spitfire» and on the directories under code 926F, 7-year-old wolf bravely approached the photographers, so the network has kept a lot of her photos and videos. Born in April of 2014 its kind wolf led from the first wolves brought in Jelloustonsky Park in January 1995, 926F Now shared the fate of his mother, also died from the shot of the hunter.

The representatives of the community of wildlife lovers and wolves share sad posts in social networks, the she-wolf was, as a mother. Photographers, too, in pseudo — photograph of a wolf from close range — a great success, and 926F have presented a luck many. According to some estimates there are 97 professional photos taken by different masters.

Another wolf from her pack taken by a trophy hunter.
This is 926F, she was the alpha female of the Lamar Canyon Pack, probably the most famous wolf pack in the world. And still she wasn’t safe. It was probably because she was so loved by wildlife watche…

— Travel For Wildlife (@Travel4Wildlife) November 29, 2018

The Park notes that the shot of the hunter had legal grounds, as the wolf went beyond the Park. In the state of Montana in connection with a high number of livestock the wolves of a permit for hunting these dangerous animals. According to the calculations of the administration in the area now live over five hundred wolves and hunting outside the parks is a necessary means of controlling the number of predators.