Tens of thousands of American soldiers came home for Christmas

The U.S. army successfully conducted a large-scale operation, which involved all the units and training centers and foreign contributors around the world. Through many borders around the globe were quickly and smoothly displaced tens of thousands of American soldiers.

Reunited! #HomefortheHolidays #HomefromtheArmy pic.twitter.com/6zaS4zrXjT

— US Army Fort Benning (@FortBenning) December 19, 2018

The operation was code named #HomefromtheArmy and many of the soldiers and officers of the U.S. army got leave to go home. Many had to travel a long way.

The U.S. army is the Department, where despite political correctness, Christmas remains a celebration is indeed a celebration because the army can make him truly happy. In units and formations (of course, if possible and according to the situation) commanders tried to let the guys on vacation or at least dismissal. As part of the training and the school is closed for the holidays. All so that more servicemen could spend Christmas at home with family at the holiday table.

The U.S. army is, of course, true to Christmas tradition but is in step with the times. In social networks a lot of posts about girls-the soldiers who came home today.

Possible give leave to all the army, of course not, someone had to settle for the weekends. But if you came into a part of the Christmas weekend the family is also good.

What’s your Holiday Reunion Story? #USArmy Soldiers in basic training across the Army have begun to reunite with Family and friends as #HolidayBlockLeave begins. Drop a pic of your #FortLeonardWood #HomefortheHolidays homecoming! #HomefromtheArmy #MeetyourArmy @TRADOC pic.twitter.com/iieacVnSiK

Fort Leonard Wood (@fortleonardwood) December 20, 2018

The army is also trying to coincide with the Christmas deadline for calling up reservists, and far term missions officers. Their return from distant lands — a real gift for wives and children.

After being deployed for the past 10 months, the #USArmyReserve Soldier Sgt. Garden, was able to surprise his daughters with an early homecoming: https://t.co/WFQL8L0OYr @USArmy @ARMEDCOM1 pic.twitter.com/8zzHxQOXKc

— U.S. Army Reserve (@USArmyReserve) December 15, 2018


Of course, most soldiers still have to celebrate the holiday on duty. The main thing that the guests were good.

This is how Santa arrives to deliver presents to #USArmy #children.

U.S. Army video by @2INFDIV pic.twitter.com/3uKbCv78uG

— U.S. Army (@USArmy) December 25, 2018

Modern technology, however, allow us to congratulate relatives and friends, without leaving the place of service… I Join in the congratulations and wish us all peaceful skies in the new year.

Family and friends for the win! That’s what our trainees and drill sergeants are looking forward to the most! #MeetYourArmy #HomefortheHolidays #HomefromtheArmy pic.twitter.com/YF2fPeRkMo

— US Army Fort Benning (@FortBenning) December 21, 2018