Missing cat named Bandit was found after 2 months at a distance of a thousand miles from home

In Florida turned up a real cat-traveler. Incredible way, two months later after the pet has gone missing from the suburbs of Detroit (Michigan), he showed up in the sunshine state, a distance of over 1000 miles from home.

A resident of the suburbs of Detroit, Judy Sanborn, tells The Detroit Free Press: she was shocked when she got a call from the veterinary clinic BluePearl in Tampa (FL) and said that they have a cat named Bandit.

According to clinic staff, the cat was found by a local resident, and veterinarians have identified him by the microchip.

Jose Calderon, Manager of the veterinary clinic, says he has been working for 30 years, but never witnessed such stories about cats-travelers.

«The cats were a block away on another street, once in Orlando and is an hour drive from us. This is the longest distance in my memory,» says Calderon.

It is unclear how the Bandit came a long way (though his handle says a lot). According to the hostess, he, most likely, or he jumped on some kind of vehicle, or picked up by someone who went from Michigan to Florida. Anyway, this week the cat will come home. Judy says she often released Thug on the street, «hunt», but now will consider not to put it at least under temporary house arrest.

«I hope he’s not disappointed that he has to return to cold Michigan from Sunny Florida,» laughs the hostess furry traveler.