Where on the streets of new York you can enjoy public art

The entire new York, in fact, a huge art gallery under the open sky. We have compiled a guide to the most interesting objects and installations in all 5 boroughs of the metropolis.

«Iceberg» (opening Jan 9)

In the Garment district will soon open a street art that not only illuminates but also it sounds — depending on who and how it takes place. «Iceberg» is a tunnel of metal arches with lights. Each arch produces a deep organ sound, telling the story of the iceberg — from its beginning to thaw. The installation created by ATOMIC3 and Appareil Architecture in collaboration with Jean-Sebastien Cote (Jean-Sébastien Côté) and Jean Philippe (Jean Philippe).

Broadway Plaza from West 37th Street to 38th Street.

«Bowed head» (opens March 6)

In March huge — more than 4 meters high bronze sculpture by Dutch artist Mark Manders (Mark Manders) will appear at the Southeast entrance to Central Park. It will be a fragment of the head of a sleeping person. Supports object will be chairs and a large suitcase.

Doris C. Freedman Plaza (Central Park, near East 60th Street).

Estructuras Monumentales (opens July 11)

This summer in Park city — Hall will put 5 Grand of work by new York artist Cuban-born Carmen Herrera (Carmen Herrera). Songs, 2 of which were created in the late 1960-ies, made of aluminum and painted in bright and bold colors. At the exhibition this year will feature 3 new works, including «Angulo-Rojo». According to the author, these compositions should cause a state of peace and harmony.

City Hall Park (intersection of Broadway and Chambers Street).

«Bridge tree» (open from 20 February to 2 June)

This work, created by the artist, SIA, Armajani ( Siah Armajani) more than 50 years ago — a kind of hybrid of sculpture and architecture. Walking path of 30 meters without walls, but with roof — halfway goes into the stairs, the envelope of a small evergreen tree. In February of this object will appear at the Brooklyn bridge at the same time with a retrospective at the Met Breuer.

Empire Fulton Ferry lawn at the Brooklyn bridge, between Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges.

«Rose III»

Forged steel 8-meter «rose III», work by German artist ISA, Genzken (Isa Genzken), is located in the North-Western part of Zuccotti Park. This is a symbol of the transformation of luxury in everyday life.

Also «rose III» reflects the strength of new York and its architecture. In 2015, the ISA Genzken I did like the song — «Two orchids» that was installed at the Doris C. Freedman Plaza in Central Park.

North-Western part of Zuccotti Park.

STEAM Mural Project

Jeff Beler (Jeff Beler), have been living in Prospect heights, launched in June 2018 STEAM Mural Project, which aims to cover with dozens of artists 72 frescoed walls elementary school, PS9.

The murals depict bill NAIA, host Bill Nye the Science Guy, dancers, and different scenes associated with training. The project began as a painting in memory of 6-year-old pupil PS9 Clara Ely, who died from brain cancer.

PS 9, 80 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn.

Moore’s New Bush Terminal

7 Sep angel Garcia (Angel Garcia) introduced the mural with a length of about 60 meters and a height of 5 meters, created by the residents of sunset Park. It presents scenes from the life of the industrial waterfront.

Take the bike path from the intersection of 50th Street and 1st Avenue.

Street artists of the world trade center

It’s not 5 Pointz, and Lower Manhattan. About 50 artists in new York painted the wall around the world trade center in the framework of the project begun by Silverstein Properties and the Port authority. Among the artists whose work you can see: Ben Angotti (Ben Angotti), J. C. Carr (JC Carr), Chris Chillemi (Chris Chillemi), Thomas Dowling (Thomas Dowling), Todd gray (Todd Gray), Stickymonger, Dillon Thomas burns (Thomas Burns Dylon), Jeremy Gooden (Jeremy Gooden), Aj Lavilla, Savior Elmundo and Dragon.

World trade center 175 Greenwich Street.

Faces Of New York

Pop artist Victor garcía (Victor Garcia) is transferred to the front of the garage at East river Plaza the essence of Harlem, using faces, symbols, and local statements. This mural is the first of a series, which will be presented at East river Plaza.

East river Plaza, Harlem (520 E 117th St.)

Michael Jackson

Mural depicting Michael Jackson with a height of 5 storeys on one side of the building on East 11th Street created last summer by Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra (Kobra Eduardo). On one half of Jackson at a young age, on the other he is an adult. Cobra is the author of over 500 works in Brazil and 17 other countries. New York has also his albert Einstein, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and other celebrities. Visit the page at Instagram to find out where you can see them.

Lower East Side, corner of 11th Street and 1st Avenue.

A place for new ideas

During the year 20 empty storefronts on Canal Street, between West Broadway and Broadway, will replace each other experimental installations, including interactive led video. With the support of Wallplay (platform, creating a program for free trade areas) and Vibes Studios work will cover a broad range of topics and genres, from healthy lifestyles, music and dance to cryptocurrencies and alternative uses for the blockchain.

Canal Street, between West Broadway and Broadway.

Saecula Saeculorum

Unusual sculpture placed at the art alley, past Roosevelt island, between Manhattan and long island, in the framework of the project for its transformation into a real art center. Artist from long island Michael Poast (Michael Poast), inspired by motifs of London’s Trafalgar square, presented his vision of infinity — 2-metre-high column made of carbon steel, calling it the Saecula Saeculorum, which translated from Latin means «without end».

Good Shepherd Plaza, Roosevelt island (543 Main Street).


Near new children’s hospital Hassenfeld is Dalmatian’s height 3-storey building, holding on the nose a real taxi! His playful puppy Donald Lipski (Lipski Donald) created from fiberglass and steel beams.

NYU Langone Helen L. and Martin S. Kimmel Pavilion, corner of 34th Street and First Avenue.

Mural Banksy

This 20-metre high Banksy mural expressed their protest against the imprisonment of Turkish artist and journalist Zehra’s Dogan (Dogan Zehra). In March 2017 the woman was sentenced to nearly 3 years in jail for publishing images of the Turkish city affected in 2015 as a result of collision of the Turkish army with Kurdish militants. The mural is a black mark — the days that Zehra Dogan spent in prison. Among the label — the image itself Zehra’s behind bars, with the rod-pencil in hand.

Corner of Houston Street and Bowery.

«I raise the torch from the Golden door» (until March 2019)

Three colorful images of the statue of Liberty, a symbol of the openness of new York and the United States for those seeking freedom or refuge. The author, Dorothy Iannone (Dorothy Iannone), inspired the poem by Emma Lazarus (Emma Lazarus) «the New Colossus».

Highline (at 22nd Street).

«Giant pumpkin»

Bronze mesh pumpkin created in 2014, Aioi by Kusama (Yayoi Kusama), stands near the luxurious skyscraper Sky. Another pumpkin, made of glass, perched at the entrance to the building and in the lobby, the theme continues 2 pictures from the Infinity Net series of images of the grids on a plain background. Works are exhibited on a permanent basis.

Sky (605 W. 42nd Street).

«Missing monuments» (until June 30)

Obelisks with mirrored surfaces from rose, Desiano (Rose DeSiano) reflect the viewer, making him part of the history (colonization, war, abolitionism, immigration). The stone base of the obelisk is decorated with blue and white tiles depicting the history of the Park, surrounded by other tiles with patterns inspired by the culture of American Indians. Obelisks will stay here until June 2019.

Park Rufus King (150/29 Jamaica Avenue).

«Island of Unisphere» (until July 10)

Zach Landsberg (Zaq Landsberg) has created a «global archipelago» on the green lawn in the Park flushing meadows-Corona that stretches to the Globe. The islets are used as mini-scenes, seats or benches for get-togethers with friends. All this, according to the authors, should reflect the diversity of Queens. This archipelago will «live» in the Park until July 2019.

The Park flushing meadows-Corona, Grand Central Parkway to Expressway Van Wyck, between Roosevelt Avenue and Robinson Parkway.

«Decorate me» (until August 17)

Tanda Francis (Tanda Francis) tried their work in the Park Fort Greene to convey power, strength, beauty, and cultural significance of African descent. Two-faced sculpture will be here until August 2019.

Park Fort Greene (corner of Myrtle avenue and DeKalb avenues, between Washington Park and St. Edward’s Street).

«I’m so happy you’re here» (until 19 July)

This installation resembles an ordinary parquet floor in the house of a wealthy man and, according to the intention of its author Kara Lynch (Lynch Cara), challenges the idea of «values», «availability», «destination» and «origin». To assess the «parquet» installation you will be able to July 2019.

Park VA (White Plains Road, between Cross Bronx Expressway and Westchester Avenue).