In Queens on February 14, it will be possible to destroy photos of former and get a free drink

Can you relate to Valentine’s Day (14 February), which is inexorably approaching, but the fact remains that this holiday is firmly entrenched in our lives.

Of course, if you are single or recently went through a breakup, then watch adoring couples, «occupying» parks benches, or tables of restaurants, it can be extremely unpleasant.

Therefore, undoubtedly, this day can be spent like any other holiday either ignore it and find a great alternative. Such offers restaurant in Ridgewood (Queens).

In The Seneca I suggest to everyone to celebrate being alone on Valentines Day truly therapeutic way.

So, bring a photo of their ex (or former), blend it in the restaurant the shredder (Yes, the paper shredder for the occasion specifically will bring to the institution) and receive one free beverage of choice (beer, cocktail or wine).

Great idea, isn’t it? Drink a beverage with pride, let go of your resentment, and then tell the bartender: «Thanks for following».

AND USA.ONE, in turn, promises to tell about other ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in new York — including, of course, and about the ways for those who are still in love and celebrating February 14.

PS. Address of the Seneca: Seneca 582, Queens 11385.