Ellen page accused the «guardian of the Galaxy» Chris Pratt is that he visits «antilgbt» Church

Actress Ellen page, who committed ComingOut in 2014, criticized the star of «Guardians of the Galaxy» Chris Pratt because he attends «the infamous antilgbt» Church.

On the show Late Show with Stephen Colbert Pratt shared his impressions of the 21-day fast of Daniel. Following the example of the biblical prophet, actor 3 weeks gave up meat, sweets, and alcohol.

«I was inspired by the pastor, — said Pratt, confessing that he helped him to avoid star fever. — It was just amazing. It was really cool.»

«If the light that shines on you brighter than the light that is within you, he will kill you,» said the actor Colbert.

Chris Pratt attends the Hillsong Church, which the parishioners are and other celebrities, particularly sister Kim Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and musicians Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. The Church was founded in Australia but now it has offices in new York and Los Angeles.

Ellen page, who last year married his girlfriend, retweeted Hollywood Reporter article about Pratt, writing: «But his Church is infamous antilgbt [views], so it might be worth to discuss it?»

Oh. K. Um. But his church is infamously anti LGBTQ person at work so maybe address that too? https://t.co/meg8m69FeF

— Ellen Page (@EllenPage) February 8, 2019

In 2015, Hillsong Church and pastor Brian Houston has been criticized for its stance towards the gay community. The priest has publicly stated that his Church holds «traditional Christian thinking about the gay lifestyle and same-sex marriage» — «accepts all people, but not a way of life for everyone.»

«We deliberately do not put openly gay people in leadership positions,» the pastor said, noting, however, that LGBT parishioners may be practised along with other co-religionists.

Previously Ellen page visited Ukraine to meet with activists defending in this country, LGBTQ rights.