Alec Baldwin asked about whether he considered trump a tweet as a real threat

Actor Alec Baldwin, known for his parodies of the President in the show Saturday Night Live, asked whether a real threat for him personally and for his family attack Donald trumpand Twitter.

«Interestingly, the current President is urging its subscribers that the role in the television sitcom made me an enemy of the people, is a threat to my safety and the safety of my family?» tweeted Baldwin on 17 February, few hours after trump commented on the speech of the actor in the Saturday show.

Recall that the actor made fun of the «fake» state of emergency, which was declared by the President to still build a wall on the border with Mexico.

«All of you understand why you need to enter is a fake emergency, right? Need because I want. It’s easy! said Baldwin, portraying the President, in the beginning of the show. — We have a problem. Drugs come into this country without walls».

«The wall runs, wall gives safety — continued the showman. You don’t need to be smart to understand it. In fact it is even easier to understand if you’re not too smart».

Trump called what makes Baldwin on Saturday Night Live, conspiracy, and at the end of the tweet said: «False and corrupt media — the enemies of the people!»

We will remind, in November of 2018, the police arrested Alec Baldwin for the fact that he hit the man in the conflict over a Parking space in Greenwich village. Later, the court ordered the actor to pay $120 and take a course on anger management.