The man who won $273 million, forgot the lottery tickets at the gas station

A resident of new Jersey, buried in your mobile, forgot a couple of tickets Mega Millions at the gas station where he bought them.

A good Samaritan, not suspecting that one of these tickets hit the jackpot in $273 million, gave the find to the cashier, who then gave it to the owner when he remembered where he left the tickets.

«I was too immersed in his phone, said lucky, 54-year-old Mike Barski. I’m looking for the guy who handed the cashier the tickets. I have him reward.»

Mike Barski unemployed. He chose a lump sum payment, which after expenses will be $162,5 million.

«I always wanted to know what it’s like to just Wake up and go somewhere to buy what you want. And when I get the money, I’ll do it,» said the man. According to him, the first thing he intends to buy a pickup truck Ford Raptor.

Ex-wife winner, Eileen Murray, with whom he divorced in October last year (and which kept him for years) told The Post: even the jackpot’s not enough, so she went back to her ex-husband.

«Of course, I don’t think it will give me something from this money in gratitude for what I did, but I hope he’ll do the right thing and most importantly — reasonable. Can support their family and give something to charity, for example, on the protection of animals,» said Eileen Murray.