BuzzFeed News: the government will launch a facial recognition system at 20 U.S. airports

In March of 2017 President trump issued an order for expedited biometric validation of all travelers crossing the U.S. border.

The regulation provides the face recognition for «100% of all passengers (including U.S. citizens) on international routes in 20 major U.S. airports by 2021».

According to yet unpublished documents obtained by a non-profit organization Electronic Privacy Information Center and passed to BuzzFeed News, Customs and border protection, U.S. (CBP) is actively working on the implementation of the system to meet the «schedule of trump.»

These documents explicitly States: while there are no restrictions on how airline partners will be able to use face recognition data.

«CBP solves the security problem. We partner with airports and airlines to ensure safe, fast and reliable system,» — commented the representatives of CBP by e-mail to BuzzFeed News.

In documents it is also about the fact that CBP missed the part of the «rulemaking process» that requires the Agency to solicit public opinion before introducing the technology, is intended for use on civilians.

The document also States that the facial recognition system at the moment is not perfect. So, last summer the American civil liberties Union said that the facial recognition technology Amazon «linked» 28 members of Congress, with photos of criminalsmade at the time of arrest.

CBP, according to documents wants by the end of 2019, the facial recognition system has already earned 30 international flights in 12 U.S. airports in a day.

In the USA there are no laws regulating the use of face detection. the Courts have not yet decided on whether this is a violation of the fourth amendment.

However, this system is already working in airports in Atlanta, new York, Boston, San Jose, Chicago and two airports in Houston. The technology is also supported by many major airlines — Delta, JetBlue, British Airways, Lufthansa and American Airlines.