Study: life in new York is more expensive than the U.S. national average

According to the research website Numbeo, the residents of new York city every day are forced to spend more than any other average citizen of the country. According to experts, in this city the prices are higher on almost everything with gas and ending with the rent or groceries.

The locals here spend $4,43 per gallon (3.7 liter) of milk, 42% more than the national average, $3,46 for a loaf of bread, which is 47% more $3,55 — for a dozen eggs, which is 55% larger.

«It’s all in the location, explained Sewin Chan, economist and Professor of public policy at NYU. — If the value of land and property in Manhattan above, and a gallon of milk will cost more expensive here than in the center of the country.»

The higher rents for the owners of the local bodega, the more income they have to, to make ends meet. It turns out that you are not just buying milk, you also pay for storage, shipping and many other costs faced by store owners. The more, the higher the final price.

Also in new York set fairly high taxes, which further raises the price of food.

Study: life in new York is more expensive than the U.S. national averageStudy: life in new York is more expensive than the U.S. national average

Taxation also affects the price of gas, residents of new York are forced to pay USD 3.05 per gallon which is 12.5% more than the national average. Of this amount, more than 44 cents go to taxes and fees in the state that almost 11 cents more than the US average. According to statistics from the American petroleum Institute, is the fifth-largest amount in the States.

On the other hand, new York continues to attract immigrants, both from other countries and from all States, a high quality of life and the ability to find a good paying job. This figure certainly affects property prices. The more demand, the higher the rent. In turn, this leads to the displacement of residents with low incomes in other States.

For an apartment with one bedroom in the heart of new York city on average you will pay $3122, whereas the same indicator for the country is only $1264. For an apartment in a less expensive area of the city on average you give $2003, $1011 more than the average for the United States.

More than a third of new Yorkers admitted in a recent survey that the city was too expensive, and they occasionally think about moving to another state with lower prices.