Couple alibegova in the restaurant for $48, left a $2,000 tip

Attraction incredible generosity happened last Saturday in one of the restaurants in Waterville (state of man).

Had dinner there the couple paid the bill for $48 and left the waitress serving their table, a tip of $2000! However, with one simple Directive: to share unexpected profits among the staff.

Restaurant Silver Street Tavern posted a picture of the account on his page on Facebook, signing that «kind gentleman wanted to share my gratitude with all the staff».

WOW! So awesome we had to share! Thank you to the kind gentleman who came in for dinner tonight and had such a great…

Posted by Silver Street Tavern & Restaurant on Saturday, March 23, 2019

When a generous cash award was divided into 14 parts, each employee of the restaurant received a $142 cents.

According to the waitress, 21-year-old Samantha Clark, she was stunned when I saw the amount of tip, especially after lunch, the couple walked imperfectly. So, men who by mistake took his glass.

«When he came to the bar Manager, I was sure that he complained about the service», — told the waitress.

When she finished her shift, Samantha colleagues were still talking generous gesture of the visitor, who preferred to remain anonymous. According to the girl, she plans to add received tips to money saving for tuition in College.

Another employee, Zach Dennis, working here for three years, said the incident surprised him, «but not too much.»

«We have a great team of people who work very hard together. Perhaps this person himself owns a restaurant and saw we were doing good work, or something like that. I don’t think it’s cool when good work justly rewarded».