«I want the shame stopped»: the star of «Desperate Housewives» Marcia Cross told about cancer of the anal canal

The actress of TV series «Desperate Housewives» 57-year-old Marcia Cross is not afraid to talk about his fight against cancer of the anal canal, destroying the stereotypes about the disease.

«I have read many stories of cancer survivors, and many people, especially women, were too embarrassed to say what they have cancer. A lot of shame. I want this stopped,» said Cross to People magazine.

In September last year, the actress announced her diagnosis in a series of posts in Instagram, when he showed fans a photo with short hair. She reported that she was diagnosed with cancer of the anal canal in November of 2017 during its annual visit to the gynecologist. Then she went through six weeks of radiation and chemotherapy. And although now the Cross is in remission, according to her, the process of achieving this goal was quite difficult.

«Surgery was not recommended, which was a relief. You need to save the sphincter muscle if possible. Realizing its importance, I am now a big fan of anus!», — added Cross.

The star was in remission for about a year, and she said that the chances of getting cancer are small. Cross admits that grateful just for the opportunity to use the toilet.

«Every time I go to the bathroom, I think,» This is amazing! Thank you, body,» said Cross, noting that she was always trying to find humor in this situation.

But the actress understands that not everyone is comfortable talking about the disease.

«I want to help fight stigma around anal cancer, she said People. — This is a lot of shame. I want it stopped.»

Cross urges everyone to listen to your body and to go to the doctors if something wrong.