Kim Kardashian is planning to take the exam to be a lawyer in criminal law in 2022

Reality old Kim Kardashian West said that studying to be a lawyer in criminal law and plans to pass exams in 2022.

Last summer the Kardashian’s start of a four-year training at a law firm in San Francisco, around the time when she played a role in the release from prison Alice Mary Johnson.

63-year-old Johnson since 1996 was in prison Alabama on charges of non-violent crime associated with drugs. She was sentenced to life imprisonment. Kardashian West during a meeting with President Donald trump at the White house discussing this matter, and the President eventually pardoned Johnson.

Discussing his decision to pursue a legal career, Kardashian told US Vogue: «I have long thought about it. I spoke at the White house with lawyers, with many influential people, sat and listened to their discussion and thought, damn, I need to know more!»

Kim Kardashian is planning to take the exam to be a lawyer in criminal law in 2022shutterstock

Kardashian added that she felt that he wanted to fight for the people. «The system can be unfair, and I want to fight to fix it. Knowing more, I can do more.»

If Kim is really gonna be a lawyer, then it will go in the footsteps of his father, Robert Kardashian, who was a member of team defenders of O. J. Simpson. «On the weekends they are with other lawyers used our house as an office,» — said Kim.

Currently she is studying 18 hours a week under the guidance of two California attorneys: Jessica Jackson and Erin Haney. If the summer Kardashian pass the first law examination, known as the «baby bar», she will be allowed a further three years to continue their education.

According to Kim, the easiest it is precisely criminal law.