Don’t miss: all US National parks April 20 will be free to visit

If you are going soon to visit some national Park or monument, but was afraid of «biting» prices, we have great news.

Every attraction of the national Park Service will be free to visit next Saturday, April 20.

This date marks the first day of the annual national parks Week, which takes place in April. This year from 20 to 28 April.

Each day will cover different topics — from military veterans and wildlife to use visits to parks for physical and mental health.

Don’t miss: all US National parks April 20 will be free to visitPhoto: Shutterstock

Park visitors are encouraged to share their experiences and photos on social networks with the hashtag #FindYourPark. Twitter posts with that hashtag will receive a special «Ranger Emoji».

Visit all national parks is free in the United States only 5 days a year (one of them was held on 21 January — the Day Martin Luther king, Jr.).

Parks will also be free to work:

  • 25 August (day of Foundation of the national Park Service);
  • September 28 (national public lands day);
  • November 11 (veterans Day).

The first national Park of America became the world famous Yellowstone. Since then, the number of such parks in the U.S. increased to almost six dozen.

Fourteen U.S. national Park listed as world heritage by UNESCO.

The richest parks in the States of Arizona, California, Alaska and Utah, where are located the most famous national parks of America.

In addition to the parks, U.S. National Park also includes other historic and natural areas: national parks, military parks, memorials, recreation areas, historic sites, national monuments, etc.