Residents of new York can be a real treasure hunters. How to do it?

Childhood dreams about finding treasure on a pirate ship with the age of fast transformirovalsya in search of jewelry and rare coins with a metal detector. What about those who wanted to go to Alaska in the Gold rush? You can always take advantage of the opportunity from Herkimer Diamond Mines, whose leadership has created the necessary conditions for the extraction of rare quartz crystals known in the world as herkimers diamonds.


Residents of the state of new York in this respect were more fortunate of all, because «Zolotorudnaya» feel they don’t have far to go: the commercial quarry, where everyone can dig into the breed and find a unique quartz, located in Herkimer County, in the Northern foothills of the Appalachian mountains, covered with picturesque forests. The field covers 250 acres.

The exact address of the miners ‘ village: 4601 State Route 28
Herkimer, NY 13350
P: 315.717.0175

What is the Herkimer Diamond Mines?

A unique tourist destination has been working for almost 30 years. In the fall of 2017 here there was a big fire that destroyed many of the buildings and structures on site, including the gift shop and Museum. But the administration very quickly managed to rebuild the infrastructure, by rebuilding all the buildings in a new style that brings you back to the days of «Wild West».

The Grand Opening of something new here at the Herkimer Diamond Mines! Tune in tonight at 5 & 6 to find out! @WKTV

— Cody Mooney (@cmooneynews) June 15, 2018

Moreover, there appeared an element of luxury – resort KOA Resort with a large pool. Live guests in special theme houses, and camping, if they came with the trailer.

Every guest can feel like a real miner mining all day developing the breed, and then take a breath and relax in a comfortable environment. For this purpose the field herkimers diamonds there are several cafes and restaurants (Miners’ Table, The Canteen Cafe’, Pavilion Prospector’s) in which starving «miners»can not only rejuvenate, but also to celebrate important events. Details about the period and time of the café, and their menu can be found here.

When it works mine?

Herkimer Diamond Mines are already beginning to make its visitors. The 2019 season began on 12 April and will run until 1 November.

How much is all this worth?

Ticket for adults (from 13 years) — $14 for 1 day of production;

The ticket for children (aged 5-12 years) — $12 for 1 day of mining;

Children under 4 years free admission.

The ticket price includes a hammer, a bag (for mined diamonds) and manual extraction. While working in the field it is recommended to use safety glasses that you can buy in the store.

By the way, the kids will love it not only because of fun and useful pastime in the open air, but also due to the fact that of the produced crystals will be here to create their own unique and beautiful decoration for the memory.

Tips for comfortable mining

Despite the fact that the Herkimer Diamond Mines to rent the necessary equipment, you should be at the point of extraction properly clothed and shod: shoes must be closed, it is desirable to have sturdy gloves, goggles and a cap, sunscreen. If you are not strongly prepared, all you need can be purchased at a local store.

With you wish to get rare quartz can bring any instrument, except for any mechanized means of production – for example, electrophoration.

Experienced travelers who have visited these mines, it is recommended to plan your vacation here so that he fell on cloudy days. Anyway, for development you can always take your own (or rented) a tent and dig for diamonds without the risk of sunstroke.