The whole day the guy heard someone won the jackpot of $768 million, not knowing that he

The owner of the lottery ticket Powerball, who won $768 million, a 24-year-old Manuel Franco from Wisconsin.

Yesterday, April 23, guy spoke with reporters and described in detail the day they bought the tickets. Franco admitted that he will never forget it.

«I left work about two o’clock on March 27 and drove down the highway in new Berlin. By staying at one of the gas stations, I decided to buy some Powerball tickets. Prior to this, my girlfriend already bought them, but for some reason I wanted to buy more,» — said the lucky winner.

The whole day the guy heard someone won the jackpot of $768 million, not knowing that hePhoto: WWAY

According to Manuel, he watched the lottery drawing, and the next morning went to work without checking the tickets. During the day he heard colleagues talk about the fact that someone from Wisconsin hit the jackpot, and then he was curious.

When Franco returned home, I first checked the tickets, he and his girlfriend bought together a few days earlier, but winning was not. Then he took 10 tickets, which he bought himself, on the eve of the draw, and the third appeared to be thus happy.

«It’s hard to describe with words. It was perfect. My heart was banging like mad, the blood boiled. I yelled about five or ten minutes, well, the neighbors not have heard,» rejoiced Franco.

He added that his father cried when he learned about the prize.

«I came to my parents with a face that my mom thought me that something had happened, and demanded to tell her the whole truth.»

The guy chose a lump sum after all necessary deductions, he will receive $477 million.