«Putin’s bitch»: trump’s star on the walk of fame again suffered at the hands of vandals

Star Donald trump on the Hollywood walk of fame is a popular place for vandals. It was repeatedly defeated, and even painted a swastika. But today, April 24, at about 3:40 a.m. an unknown struck the star again.

This time vandals used spray paint, which is difficult to clean, by writing above the star «Putin’s bitch». The Hollywood chamber of Commerce told The Hill that soon after this was noticed, the Alliance of property owners sent a team that was supposed to return everything back to normal.

Hollywood historical Foundation, which maintains and repairs the stars on the walk of fame, filed a statement to the police.

According to the video footage, which is at TMZ, did that blonde guy who first sprayed a layer of black paint, over a white wrote the phrase «Putin’s bitch». With him was another man who shot proishodyat on camera.

Someone updated trumps star again #trumpstar @realDonaldTrump #hollywood #DonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/9FHHpx3IVQ

— HOLLYWOOKIEE.COM (@hollywookiee) April 24, 2019

Trump received a star in 2007 for participating in the reality show «the Apprentice,» which aired on NBC. Since his election in 2016, it twice had to be completely restored.

«Any star that is vandalism, no matter whose it is, will be repaired,» said The Hill, the representative of the chamber of Commerce of Hollywood.

The city Council of West Hollywood (The West Hollywood City Council) last year approved a proposal urging the city Council of Los Angeles and the chamber of Commerce of Hollywood is to remove the star trump. It said that the actions of the current U.S. President is not consistent with the principles and values of West Hollywood, therefore he has no right to be counted among its elite.