Johnny Depp wants to marry 20-year-old dancer from Russia — Daily Mail (photo)

As a source told the publication the Daily Mail, the new girl of the world famous actor johnny Depp 20 – year-old (this is the approximate age) dancer from Russia , Pauline Glen.

A source close to the girl, said that Polina met 55-year-old Depp at a party in Los Angeles last year.

In the beginning of this year there were pictures of Depp in a hotel in Belgrade, where he passionately kissed a «mystery woman». Now she is identified as Pauline Glen. She was also in the pictures while walking with Depp in Moscow in may 2018, when he arrived in the Russian capital with his band «The Hollywood Vampires».
Pauline is originally from St. Petersburg, she is a dancer and choreographer. In the US, the girl came two years ago to build a dance career.

In the words of a familiar girl, Pauline just relax at the party and didn’t recognize Depp.

«He has legal problems with his ex-wife, and here comes a beautiful young Russian dancer who doesn’t even know it. Famous people in daily life always looks different. When she found out who it was, I was happy.»

The star of «Pirates of the Caribbean» was not in a romantic relationship with anyone since I broke up with his ex-wife amber heard.

The actress filed for divorce with Depp in may 2016, saying that he was «verbally and physically» abused her. In recent years, Depp had a lot of trouble with the law. He is currently involved in numerous lawsuits against their former case managers, claiming that they had spent part of his condition. He also filed a claim for $50 million against amber heard.

The source also said that the couple wants to get married.

«Polina said they are going to get married, and what johnny wants to go to Russia to meet her parents.»

The source continued: «Other women in his life, tearing him apart, and he was very easy to fall in love with her. She wants nothing from him. It’s real. She’s not chasing his money. I think for superstar is very important.»