Southwest Airlines passenger joked about the vodka, and dropped out of a plane

Stern flight attendant for Southwest Airlines passengers landed from aircraft for a joke about vodka, seemed to her inappropriate. Other passengers came to the defense punished and complained to the airline. It promised to investigate this incident, but has not apologized.

478 flight from Sacramento to Austin with refuelling in Los Angeles was not set from the beginning. Plane almost ready to fly, for some reason, returned to the platform and began to putter around. Additional service lasted almost two hours — all this time passengers were in the cabin waiting for the flight.

Southwest Airlines passenger joked about the vodka, and dropped out of a

Stewardess to brighten up leisure time, began to pour water to passengers. One of them, seeing in your glass of water, he noticed that after long and patient waiting, he earned vodka. According to Utilize, a neighbor of the Joker, the flight attendant responded nervously approached the citizen and said, «I don’t think so, and I didn’t like your joke».

As the words Utilize FOX40, the woman sitting next to joked, said: «We are sitting in that plane all this time.» the Representative of the crew said, «me too, so get used to it». The surrounding was shocked by such a harsh reaction of the flight attendants. However, she was not done yet, and called someone on the phone. The plane drove a police car, and officers, got on Board, took the passenger, without charge, despite the fact that the whole room rose to his defense, telling police, how it was and that the citizen is innocent.

As reported by PIX11, the Sheriff’s office explained that no charges this man is not charged, he was not arrested, however, according to the rules of flight safety, at the request of the crew they had to take him out of the plane.

Osilac other passengers filed a complaint with the airline.

Southwest Airlines in connection with this incident released a statement:

«We regret any less than positive experience that the customer has on Board our aircraft. We welcome more than 100 million customers every year and we strive to maintain comfort all while providing the hospitality of the southwest. We will give this report to our team customer relations».